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Rahul Gandhi, do you remember the date 12th January 1998??

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • June 9, 2017
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In recent scenario all the mainstream are busy covering Mandsaur violence & Rahul Gandhi’s arrest coverage. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi seems to be very glad after creating chaos in Madhya Pradesh yesterday. The members of Congress are busy providing lectures to the ruling government upon how to treat farmers. But now it is the time to remind them about the Multai Massacre which happened in 1998, when the Congress member Digvijay Singh was the Chief Minister.

At that period time farmers were protesting continuously demanding for minimum price to be declared for their crops which were destroyed in heavy rain & hailstorms. The Congress had repeatedly refused to give compensation or MSP or waive off their loans. On January 12th 1998, thousands of farmers holding hoardings went down on the ground demanding compensation, as soon as the farmers started marching, 100 policemen opened fire at them & killed 17 were killed while several were injured.

The farmers were demanding compensation under the banner Kisan Sangharsh Morcha which was lead by Dr Sunialm, a PHD from Delhi University & Janata Dal had extended their support. The farmers had put forth 11 demands, & the most important was 5000 rupees compensation/hectar crop loss & farm loan waiver. But Digvijay Singh government refused the demands of farmers which lead to a massive protest.

This was the sixth time when the police had opened fire in a span of 10 months of protests during the regime of Digvijay Singh government. So, in current scenario Congress should keep their mouth shut as they are not the right persons to speak on behalf of persons. There is no doubt in that the people who are purposely creating a riot scene in Madhya Pradesh are none other than Congress workers who are well paid for creating a chaos.

After 2005, when Shivraj Singh government came into power the situation of farmers & agricultural sector grew with a tremendous progress as per reports. Insane Rahul Gandhi who just wanted to take pictures with protesting farmers today should first answer that what did his government in centre did to 52,000 crore farm debt waiver?

As per the CAG reports Congress had misused Rs 52,000 crore which was sanctioned for loan waivers & had given it to undeserving farmers & omitted the farmers welfare. Still, Rahul Gandhi you are able to ask questions on the current ruling government inspite of your nothing-doing for the nation attitude?

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