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Rani Mukherji’s “Hichki” is highlighting a vital issue we all are unaware about

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 6, 2018
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Remember in school days, a classmate would always be pointed out for making funny, odd noises, grunting in class, and just being impatient at all times. He/She was often mocked and bullied. While the school did try and help him, unluckily, none of us made an effort to get to know him. Eventually, he/she left the school and moved elsewhere.

Rani Mukherji’s “Hichki” has come up with an issue which most of us are not aware of. The lead of the film suffers from a disorder called Tourette (too-RET) Disorder. It is a neurological condition that usually begins in childhood. They are rude, purposeless, and involuntary vocal sounds or muscular jerks. Vocal and motor spasm (i.e. involving only a few muscles or sounds at a time) or involved.

Fixed blinking, raising eyebrows, nostrils flaring, opening the mouth, sticking out their tongue, jerking shoulders, arms, etc. Vocalisations such as sniffing, grunts, hissing, moaning are some of the symptoms that the patient may be experiencing. As per the doctors, this syndrome leads to involuntary movements that are just beyond the control of the patient. In few cases, it has a neuro-biological component, and sometimes they are just natural symptoms.

While this syndrome exhibits itself in a seemingly superficial manner, the reality is far from it. If not treated at an appropriate time the disorder can exhibit itself in various forms. With an appropriate treatment and counseling, these spasms and impulses can be reduced with time and in some cases, excluded.

‘Hichki’ will see Rani Mukherji return to the silver screen after a gap of four-year pause from acting. It is good to see, especially through a film, there is raising awareness about this disorder which many of us are unaware of and people treat it with the right knowledge and understanding.

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