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A Fearless Writer’s Rant for the Bigot Makers of Quantico!

  • Avantika Debnath
  • June 7, 2018
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Dear asinine makers of Quantico, you are not the pioneer here in fabricating Hindu nationalist as terrorists. One whole decade ago, our own corrupt leaders tried to paint us Hindus as terrorist; planted Kasab wearing a kalava. But truth always finds its way to light. Looks like the liberal television of the USA is trying to portray a Hindu Indian as a terrorist to clear up the image of Pakistan? If only the liberal American media could turn all the terrorists in real life, Hindus. Sad, but you won’t find ONE SINGLE HINDU INDIAN TERRORIST taking down your buildings, killing your journalists and burning your children in cages. We have built your buildings, we have treated your people, we have helped manage your bank accounts. You can clean the dirty, but not the dirt. And so, no matter how desperately you try to, you will never be able to clear up the image of Pakistan. This is when Trump is President. One can only imagine what you guys have done to our image, had the Pak-sympathizing Hillary been in charge.

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