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Read: Who are the most Controversial Writers of India / Indian Origin

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 7, 2017
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India has always been known as a country that has encouraged arts and literature. Hence, it comes as a surprise when fearless journalists such as Gauri Lankesh are murdered in cold blood without any mercy.

It is true that Gauri Lankesh was embroiled in a series of controversies that also included a jail-term for a short while.

Here are some of the widely published and discussed controversies revolving around these Controversial Writers of India.

Gauri Lankesh:

Gauri Lankesh was a firebrand journalist who never minced words while opposing right-wing elements and organizations. However, she too was mired in controversies for her fearless writings. In the year 2016, Lankesh was convicted in two cases of criminal defamation against a story she had written in 2008. For this, she was sentenced to a six-month jail term along with a fine of Rs.10,000. She was later released on bail.

Gauri was also targeted for her support to the controversial novel – Dudhi and her support for Rohingya Muslims, living in India.

 Arundhati Roy

The name Arundhati Roy is not only popular in India but also is recognized quite easily abroad. However, Arundhati received more criticism than praise for her literary works and opinions.

Quite recently, Arundhati was caught in the crosshairs of Hindu Nationalists as she openly expressed support for Kashmiri separatist movement.

She earlier was also a part of the Narmada Bachao movement along with activist Medha Patkar.               She claimed that the dam project will displace half a million of people. She stated that the Government is focussed on development on the cost of the lives of poor.

She also bravely criticized the then Government’s approach towards the Naxalite and Maoist outfits. Arundhati strongly believed that ‘it’s a war on the poorest people in the country.’

Shobha De

Shobha De can easily be called controversy’s favourite child. She has received criticism from all quarters for her views on Government policies or national interest issues.

Shobha De had tweeted her opinion against Maharashtra Cm Devendra Fadnavis, who had passed an order for Theaters to compulsorily play Marathi movies. She termed the diktat as Dadagiri.

Shobha De also insulted Hindus when she tweeted that she ate beef and invited people to come and murder her for doing so. She not only received criticism but also a FIR on the same.

The most insensitive comment made by the popular socialite and autor was when she Tweeted Bure Din Aa Gaye when respected minister Gopinath Munde passed away in a car accident.

Salman Rushide

Salman Rushide is a noted British Indian novelist who has faced his fair share of controversies in the past.  Rushide’s novel – Satanic Verses invited flak and Fatwas from all Muslims, as they accused him of blasphemy and disbelief in the almighty.

Salman also expressed his displeasure for the extreme reaction towards his literary work.

Taslima Nasreen

Noted Bangladeshi author, Taslima Nasreen received death threats for her literary work which circled around the struggle of a patriotic Bangladeshi Hindu Family living in a Muslim environment.

She had to flee her country and seek refuge in India. Since then, she has been maintaining a low profile supporting Narendra Modi’s policies and schemes.

We would like to hear your views on these controversial writers and do you feel there should be a censorship in place on the Press and literary works?

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