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The rise and rise of Hardik Patel – BJP’s biggest headache ahead of Gujarat elections

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 9, 2017
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India has never faced a dearth of politicians or political figures. However, our country has always lacked an ideal political leader, who can inspire generations to make our country a much better place.

Hence, it comes as a dampener, when we are served another cast-based activist in the guise of a political leader in the form of Hardik Patel.

Till 2015, Hardik Patel was an unknown name in the scene of Indian politics. Posts 2015, Hardik assumed prime importance and became an overnight sensation for all the wrong reasons. All we could see is an unknown
village- bumpkin grab front-page headlines across India.

Today, Hardik Patel has emerged as the single-biggest thorn in BJP’s re-emergence in Gujarat. As per allegations, BJP has been tirelessly trying to win over close aides of Hardik Patel via all means. But, did you ever wonder how a No-One suddenly became ‘Some-One’ in Narendra Modi’s backyard?

Hardik Patel belongs to a business-community and passed his HSC exams with great difficulty. In the year 2010 Hardik Patel inspired the Sardar Patel Group – an outfit for Patidar Youths with his powerful oratory skills.

During his tenure with the SPG, he learnt the problems faced by the Patidar community because of competition from online shopping outlets.

He closely observed the declining diamond industry and the lack of job opportunities for Patidar-youth due to rampant reservation policies for OBCs and other backward castes. This can be said as a turning point for Hardik as his observations shaped him to be the man he is today!

Finally, in mid-2015, Hardik was kicked out of the SPG group, owing to clashes with the senior-most leaders of the party.

Turning Point of Hardik Patel’s Political Career!

In 2015, Hardik Patel’s sister failed to secure a Government scholarship despite of getting decent marks in the qualifying examination. On the other hand, her friend and classmate secured the scholarship despite of scoring less marks thanks to her OBC quota. This incident can be termed as the catalyst in Hardik Patel’s rise as a caste-based activist & leader.

Fuelled by anger and determination, Hardik Patel joined the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti  with the sole purpose of securing OBC quota for the Patidar community without being political.

Soon, Hardik Patel’s popularity spread like wildfire with his rallies drawing record attendance of more than 4 lakhs in Surat. His popularity soon attracted the ire of political rivals belonging to the ruling BJP Govt. He also made good use of social media to recruit Patidar youth from across the state.

Within a few months of his growing popularity, cases of sedition, inciting-rioting and mob-violence were slapped against him. Hardik became Indian media’s new poster-boy within no time!

Today, his onslaught against Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP Government has resulted in to sleepless nights for the BJP party, ahead of the December State-elections.

Though his intention might be noble, his ways and route to achieve it are certainly controversial.

We would like to hear what you have to say on the phenomenal and metamorphic rise of Hardik Patel. Do you agree to his ways, ideologies & motives?

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