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Root Out Corruption in India….

  • Ashok Rane
  • September 8, 2017
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Netas get Mega Rich in 5 Years: Hon. Supreme Court Bench pulled up Centre to share info within a Week…

Only Court Orders won’t be adequate: India needs a Revolution to wipe out Corruption

During last week, a report was seen in Media on High Level of Corruption Index in India. It was stated that a very high percentage of citizens are corrupt. In this context we should wholeheartedly welcome the directions issued by the Hon. Supreme Court Bench of Justices J Chelameswar and S Abdul Nazeer on last Wednesday. The bench pulled up the Centre for its reluctance in sharing information and directed it to file a report within a week, on what action or probe it has conducted .

The above case pertains to 289 legislators including some senior leaders. The exponential rise in the assets of MPs and MLAs during their tenure as lawmakers has come under judicial scanner. In some cases the assets have gone up by more than 500% in five years.

Every common citizen of India has a hidden anguish in their hearts, not only in hearts but in sole and body against the mass corruption in Government Departments, Politicians, Banks and every field. Every now and then probes are being conducted against ministers and Government Officials for their frauds, scams, disproportionate income. It is very hard to find a Clean Figure in Public Life.

Grass Root Levels of Corruption…

Corruption starts from the grass root level from Panchayat Office to the level of Top Government Officials and Ministers. Poor people have to pay bribes for getting some small Certificates, permissions, licenses, School-College Admissions, etc. The level of Corruptions in Large Contracts would be higher as reported in Media and newspapers at regular intervals. Those who are in power are not getting ashamed of harassing poor citizens for their hunger of getting rich and enjoying at the cost of poor masses. It is also said that because of corruption and red-tapism our country is not making progress & getting development at desired level even after 70 years of getting Independence.

How long, those in chairs and power should continue to protect the species of these die hard corrupt people?

We need a strong Mass Movement leading to a Revolution for getting rid of Corruption& Corrupt people and for enjoying our minimum rights. Hope the Corrupts mend their ways before a revolution takes place. Hope for a “ Swatch Bharat free of corruption”.

Author: Ashok Rane 

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