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Russian Street Performers Enthral Mumbaikars at Sion Station!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 13, 2017
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We are used to watching street performers enthrall us near religious spots across India. Usually, we witness poor kids performing on the streets, walking on a tightrope or doing simple magic tricks, to earn a livelihood.

But, today what came as a surprise was when we came across a bunch of street performers clearly belonging to foreign shores. The Russian-origin street artistes were performing on one of the most crowded railway stations of Mumbai – Sion Station.

The Russian Artiste-Couple were entertaining the audience with the tricks they had up their sleeve. While the lady was playing her guitar, the guy was showing off his skills with a circular ring in his hand.

The artistes went on with their tricks for over quite a few hours and had also placed a hat in the middle of the street for collecting money. They had collected quite a few bucks till morning 10 am. We do hope those talented artistes collected a lot of money considering the fact they played quite well.

What was even more amazing is, the artistes were surrounded by a swarming crowd of daily commuters who were impressed by their spontaneous performance.

Do share with us pictures of such whacky and weird pictures you come across in our country, daily. Also, share your views about the performance in the comment section below!


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