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Salute to the Unsung Heroes of 26/11 – Mumbai’s Firefighters!

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 27, 2017
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It’s been 8 years since 26/11 and even mere mention of that tragic day is enough to send down shivers any Mumbaikar’s spine. Hundreds were mercilessly killed and thousands injured on that day.

Many real heroes came forth on 26/11 who sacrificed their own lives just to shield or save others. There were many that selflessly and bravely faced the bullets of the terrorists to ensure that the lives of many are saved. Mumbai’s brave fire-fighters surely fall in to this category.

The brave fire-fighters on 26/11 made do with the equipment at hand and doused at the fire at the Taj Hotel. Using 5 large-sized ladders, the fire-fighters, only wearing helmets and in their uniforms, dodged a spray of bullets and grenades to douse out the fire.

Though ill-prepared with respect to equipment and battle-readiness, the fire-fighters balanced it out with their lion-hearted souls which helped them save hundreds trapped inside the burning hotel.

While speaking to the press, Chief Fire Officier Uday Tatkare was quoted as saying; ‘“I am proud of my men who showed exemplary courage during the attacks. They not only put out the blaze but saved over 400 people from the jaws of death risking their lives.’ And indeed he should be proud because his men played a significant role in saving countless lives, on that horrific day.

As per the Chief Fire Officer, the 26/11 attack proved to be a lesson for them as they have learnt to work with various teams, including the Police, Railways, BEST and others, on a war-footing level. In addition, their battle-readiness has gone up several notches since 26/11.

Sadly, 9 years since 26/11, our fire-fighters are yet to receive bullet proof jackets which might come handy in such untoward incidents. It seems like our Government has conveniently gone back on their promises of delivering bullet-proof jackets and forgotten the valor of the unsung heroes – Mumbai’s Fire-fighters.

Irrespective of the treatment meted out by the Government to them, we for sure will never forget the brave deeds of Mumbai’s fire-fighters. They indeed played a vital role in saving a burning city! #Respect Our salute to the unsung heroes of 26/11 – The Firefighters!

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