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Why is Sanathan Sanstha still not banned?

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 11, 2017
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Religious-outfits have always been an integral part of India’s social and moral fibre. Several religious and charitable organizations find a mention in the history of India.

These organizations, though founded with a noble initiative, always went astray from their original ideologies. This later resulted in to the formation of new off-shoot organizations and religiously motivated stables.

Sanathan Sanstha is one such organization which has been featured prominently in the news, the past few years. After every rationalist, social activist or journalist’s murder, fingers are always pointed at the hardcore Hindu extremist – the Sanathan Sanstha.

Same was the case this time around when noted journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered outside her residence by unknown assailants. Sanathan Sanstha was one of the first right-wing outfits to be blamed for her murder, and rightfully so.

Old Habits Die Hard

The Sanstha has got in to the habit of threatening rationalists and activists, especially those, who dare to say a word against Hindus or Hindu-based outfits. Sanathan Sanstha has always been a hardline Hindutva organization, violent in thought and aggressive in action.

The last time it was featured in the news was during the murder of rationalist and veteran communist leader Govind Pansare. It is no secret that the Sanstha has always been against communists and have focussed on spreading spirituality and imparting religious education.

The Sanstha has always focussed on hardline activism in the name of religious welfare. Hence, the Sanstha propagates ridiculous thoughts such as stressing on Ganpati-Visarjan in Rivers rather than artificial tanks.
Clearly, the Sanstha has never heard of the term – Water Pollution.

 Offices all over Maharashtra – Goa

Sanatan Sanstha’s headquarters is at Ramnathi, Ponda in Goa. They also do have a major center in Panvel,Maharashtra. It also has offices in Pune, Mumbai, Miraj (Sangli) and other parts of the state. However, Goa has already requested the Court to order immediate ban of the organization, which is still pending.

Arrests in Bomb Blast Cases

 Santhan Sanstha – members have also been arrested in the past for connections with bomb blast cases. Two of their workers were convicted and awarded 10 years life imprisonment in connection with planting a bomb in the parking area of the popular Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane. The bomb explosions were carried out to protest the airing of a play which apparently mocked Hindu Gods.

In other case, Sanatan activists were also arrested for carrying out a bomb blast in Madgaon, Goa in 2009. However, the duo who planted the bomb, died in the blasts as the bomb went off prematurely.

Why is Sanathan Sanstha still allowed to function?

The Santhan Sanstha has always criticized Gauri Lankesh for her work or her support to Naxalites or Maoists. It is to be seen if the members of the Sanstha were in any way connected to her murder.

However, the question remains – Should we let this radical organization thrive in a democratic country, which is easily influenced by religious-elements? Why should we let a criminal organization continue with their out-dated mindset and aggressive tactics in a developing country like India?

Like SIMI, the Sanathan Sanstha deserves to be banned to send a message to similar outfits who flourish by targeting rationalists.

We would love to know your opinion on such similar outfits and if such groups are any different from terrorist organizations.


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