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‘Shaheed’ – A Term for Jawans like CRPF,what are you doing about it ?

  • Vishal Sawant
  • April 29, 2017
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Maoists once again attack our CRPF Jawans, video goes viral, what does each one of us do ? Goes onto social media, updates a big fat status, tweet, shares pic & anything which can be done by resting your butt on a cushion sofa. Who are we to question the Government of India, when it should be us who don’t want to act, rather react !

A day of Deshbhakti is what it results when such acts take place & then follows going to bed at night, sleeping peacefully with our family, struggling to get up and follow a non-procrastinated life.. ! PLEASE, do not forget the pain that he families of these Jawans are suffering. Blood boils down when these incident happen & politicians have one task to comment strongly. How will these comments help? Will they bring back the lives of these Jawans ? Will they provide a sense of security to their family who have lost a young member ? No. It won’t. They keep attacking and we keep condemning.

Take an example of what the Former President of USA – Barack Obama did when 9/11 attack happened. They did not sit back, they destroyed Osama Bin Laden completely. That’s the  action and what we too expect from our Government to give freedom to our Jawans. Yes, surgical strike was one big message to the world from India that we won’t keep quiet. But such surgical strikes are required until we completely destroy the Terrorist and Maoists.

Their life isn’t for free. They are the ones who safeguard us, because of whom we sleep peacefully without any second thoughts. Look at countries like Syria, Israel and you shall know the meaning of freedom. There are politicians who even questioned the surgical strike. Yes, they are the ones whom we had chosen as our representative. Be wise, look at what your future will be like. We do not need to put forth any specific political party as every has such corrupts who show their reality once power comes to them.

Recently, Akshay Kumar insuring for the CRPF jawans or Gautam Gambhir taking up the responsibility of funding the complete education of all the childrens of CRPF jawans is a noble deed. Let us not question this with them having an ulterior motive. What can we do ? Yes, we can’t go out there on the border and fight. But can’t we strongly support them, come forward and instead of lighting candles everytime, support their families and strengthen those who want to go ahead and join Army. Motivate our childrens & others to work for a  cause that leads towards betterment of India.

Think upon, Let’s walk together in support & Make our India a safe place to be at !!!

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