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Shocking! Daler Mehndi convicted after 15 years and gets bail instantly

  • Siddhant Ghatge
  • March 16, 2018
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Singer Daler Mehndi was on Friday convicted in a human trafficking case by a Patiala court in Punjab and sentenced to two years imprisonment. However, within a few minutes of his sentencing, the singer has been granted bail.

As per media report, Daler and his brother Shamsher Singh had been accused of illegally sending people abroad disguised as members of his troupe by charging hefty “passage money.” It was also alleged that Daler, on a trip to the US in the company of a female actor, had allegedly “dropped off” three girls at San Francisco.

Both brothers took another troupe to the US in October 1999 in the company of some other actors during which three boys were “dropped off” at New Jersey.

A case against Mehndi and was first registered by the Patiala police following a complaint filed by one Bakshish Singh of Punjab in 2003. The complainant had alleged that he had been duped by the Mehndi brothers who received lakhs of rupees from him on the pretext of sending him abroad as a member of their troupe. At least 35 more complaints came up after that leveling similar charges of fraud against the two brothers.

The Punjabi pop singer was arrested after the case was registered but that time too he was released on bail after just a few days.

The Patiala Police had even raided the offices of Daler Mehndi at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized documents, including the case file of those who had paid the alleged “passage money” to Mehndi brothers but the case was still in limbo until Daler’s conviction yesterday.

The Fearless Indian’s view: Indian Judicial system should have stringent laws relating to granting bail on grave issues. The adage justice delayed is justice denied reflects in this case. Since the first case against the Mehndi brothers filed in 2003, the Patiala police had collected concrete evidence against them. In spite of which, the duo walked free. Though Daler Mehndi has been charged guilty and convicted today after 15 years, he was granted bail instantly. It’s high time that such culprits are tried and left to suffer the consequences of their unlawful actions, instead of letting them walk free on bail. For Conviction and Bail contradict each other and is equivalent to justice being denied.

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