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Shocking! Maoists are plotting to kill PM Modi in a Rajiv Gandhi-like assasination

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  • June 9, 2018
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Shocking plans to murder Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a “Rajiv Gandhi-like incident” have been revealed in a letter seized from a suspected Maoist, the Pune police told a court on Thursday.

The Pune police described the perpetrators as the top brass of the urban Maoists and arrested five people on Wednesday for links with the banned CPI-Maoist. Dalit activist Sudhir Dhawale, lawyer Surendra Gadling, activists Mahesh Raut and Shoma Sen and Rona Wilson were taken into custody by the Pune police. The letter which mentions the assassination plan of PM Modi was found from the home of Delhi-based activist Rona Wilson, the police claimed in the sessions court. Rona Wilson is a member of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners

The letter talked about the need for Rs. 8 crores to procure M-4 rifle and four lakh rounds, and also about “another Rajiv Gandhi incident”, public prosecutor Ujjwala Pawar told the court. “We are thinking along the lines of another Rajiv Gandhi-type incident. It sounds suicidal and there is a chance that we might fail but the party must deliberate on our proposal…,” the prosecutor quoted the letter as saying.

Below is the letter published by ANI:

The underlined part of the letter clearly states: “…inspite of big defeats like Bihar and West Bengal, Modi has successfully established BJP governments in more than 15 states. If this pace continues then it would mean immense trouble for the party on all fronts…Col Kisan and a few other senior comrades have proposed concrete steps to end the Modi-era.”

“It is a very serious matter. It is known that Naxals are under pressure. It is sinister and dangerous. Many of these elements tend to link up with mainstream parties,” said the BJP’s Nalin Kohli.

However, this claim was based on a letter that the police claims it recovered from the laptop of one of the five arrested persons. The team of defence lawyers who had travelled from Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur vehemently opposed the police’s theory, saying that even while the police has invoked stringent sections of the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, they have failed to show any evidence that the arrested persons were part of the banned CPI (Maoist) group.

Lawyers presenting the accused said the documents cited by the prosecution were fabricated and an attempt to frame them.

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