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Show Ubuntu To The World.

  • Neelu Mendu
  • May 7, 2017
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Last month I had an unusual experience of my life which I can connect with this article clearly.This virtue was shown by me a few years ago for a beloved one while expecting him to be with me for a lifetime, who is no more a part of my life now.Also, I have been using this virtue in my life since I was a child.This behavior is also termed as Altruistic Behaviour.But this time I did it for a completely, random stranger without expecting anything in return. I am not blowing my own trumpets here honestly.I feel proud of myself that I was of some help to someone especially at a crucial moment of life and death.I showed kindness and helped someone who met with a scary railway accident.

I Learnt Something Important Here -When I Am Kind I Am Human.

Kindness is a human virtue which makes us generous, makes us behave politely, lovingly, and to behave as humans.

* UBUNTU- ( South African Word ) Which means -A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity *

We all are facing our life struggles in different ways.It,s like we are dealing with different demons at different levels.In this journey of life if we can master and follow this virtue our lives and the world will be filled with compassion, empathy, honesty, and love forever.Kindness should become a part of life.

These are some simple, practical ways in which we can follow kindness in out lives-

1) Ask
Ask people if they require any kind of help? Try out your level best to provide help if you can.

2) Tight Bear Hugs
The magic of embracing someone is magical and it automatically makes the other person feel better through bodily warmth.We need to be more empathizing towards the opposite person rather than being sympathetic.That,s how you feel the emotion of others.

3) Do Something Meaningful
Help people in the smallest way in which you can.If you see a hungry person, feed them.If you see a poor, old person selling some tiny daily useful articles.Buy it and support the independent human who is struggling each day to fulfill their daily needs without choosing any wrong means of earning.

4) Super Smile
Smiling is contagious and it is the purest, simplest way in which we express our happiness.Smiling has amazing health benefits too .so next time you can try doing this as an activity too. -Have you tried smiling at a random stranger?

5) Gift A Seat While Travelling.
Offer a seat to people ( Pregnant women, Old people, Parents accompanying or carrying their children, a handicapped person, a tiresome person ) who are in utter need at the moment.See how you feel when you give away something important to a needful person.

6) Pass Positive Compliments
We all crave for some simple, happy, magical words which make us feel really wonderful.Genuinely compliment, appreciate someone and support someone while being kind.

7) Donate, Sponsor And Volunteer
Donate to support someone for a cause .sponser and do funding by promoting someone in need.Volunteer sometimes and offer your services free of cost to do something if you can.

8) Become A Listener
When we just provide an ear to listen to someone who is in pain, we learn to understand the unspoken language of emotions and feelings without being judgemental or without being a problem solver. we are showing empathy and connecting well with the other person as well.

9) Help, Love, And Care For Everyone
Help people in financial terms if you can or just help them by providing your services when they are going through difficult times in their lives.Show Love and care not only to humans but also to animals, plants and all living creatures too.We all deserve love, care, and respect.

10) Forgive, Forget And Let It Go Forever
This act is really a mammoth task to follow than to just talk or preach about it.
Trying to do it since a long time and I know how difficult it is.It,s important to be kind to yourself and to others too.By learning the special art of forgiving not for someone else but for our own sake .we give no power authority to the past and learn to let go and to move ahead with an optimistic attitude in the present time and to move head well in our future life without holding any more grudges

11) Pledge To Become An Organ Donor
If you can then donate your organs to someone after your death.That someone will live being grateful to your heroism act each day.This act and impact of serving someone,s need even after leaving the world will be cherished and will definitely help someone in living their life happily.I have taken this pledge with a hope of bringing a positive change in someone,s life when I die someday.

12) Talk Politely
Use the powerful golden words ( Please, Thank you, Sorry, Excuse ) wherever it,s needed.Words have energy and it leaves deep impacts in our life, so be kind, gentle and polite while communicating with everyone.Being nice and making the other person feel good does not cost you a single penny.

Being Kind Is The Virtue We All Need To Practice Each Day.

Keep Spreading Kindness Everywhere.

Kindness Makes The world A Beautiful Place To Dwell In. 🙂

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