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Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee – An Unmatchable Legacy

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  • August 21, 2018
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A poet, statesman, visionary and true humble human being. A rare combination very hard to find in todays era of politics, except few who are walking down the path paved by Atalji . People loved him from every aspects of life, some fondly called him Bappji from party men to several celebrities, considered him as a father figure. He has such aura that his presence made everyone feel the presence of almighty.


His speech in Parliament while as prime minister or in opposition struck a chord with common sentiments. He could easily connect with everyone with his excellent oratory skills.

A fearless and honest leader, who preferred to lose the confidence vote on17th April 1999 with a single vote, when at present we have example of horse trading and dishonest utilization of people’s mandate in Karnataka.

So was the stature of Atalji, that he always said “Governments come and go, and parties are born and disappear. Above it all, the country must stay shining, its democracy immortal,”.

He was one who dreamt of making India a superpower in spite of many powerful country giving threat to our existence. The city of Jaisalmer on May 11 1998 woke up to extraordinary day in Indian History when the successful pokhran Nuclear test was conducted.

Many in opposition criticized the move of the government instead of standing united with the Prime minister, to which Atal ji replied that he Pokhran-2 nuclear tests were conducted neither for self-glorification, nor for any display of machismo. But this has been our policy, and I think it is also the policy of the nation, that there should be minimum deterrence, which should also be credible. This is why we took the decision to conduct tests”

And how can one forget the Kargil war 1999 where India proved that whoever looks us with a evil eye, He/She will not spared, We will come back but with double the force to protect our sovereignty.

India proved their defense power to the world with Kargil war 1999.


However, somewhere We failed him and today we regret of not voting him to power one more time.

If We would have voted him one more time, India would have been in different sphere altogether.

Countrymen should not repeat 2004 again, India has again taken a leap as Shri Vajpayee always dreamt of, let us promise him and take his dream and hope ahead in future.

The demise of Atalji has left the Indian politics void, a leader loved and respected by all. We pray for the peace of his soul.

  • Jaya Chowdhury



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