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Soha Ali Khan faces backlash for wearing a saree on her baby shower

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  • June 30, 2017
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Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan is the latest victim of internet trolling. During her traditional Bengali baby shower ceremony, Soha was lashed out on her Instagram page for wearing a beautiful saree. Are you wondering why? Well, because wearing a stunning Benarasi silk does not qualify as a Muslim outfit. While quite a few of her fans supported her choice, they were many haters who had some really nasty things to say to the expecting mommy.

She married Kunal Khemu and is expecting a baby soon. She has been tagged as a ‘Non-Muslim’ and people started bashing her for wearing a saree, something that is considered a Hindu dress in our society. It is really disappointing how our society judge’s people on the way they attire and the religion they believe in. She married a Hindu and chose the attire as an Indian. Users did not join in her happiness rather took to being offended by a simple choice of attire. While some expected her to be ashamed, some questioned her culture.

Some of her followers started slamming her for being dressed for a traditional Bengali baby shower since her mother Sharmila Tagore is a Bengali, calling her (Soha) a non-Muslim. Some of the comments were to the effect of “shame on you, you are not Muslim”, in an attempt to berate her for not choosing an attire which would be considered appropriate on the occasion of Eid. Another section of the haters even slammed her for not posting an Eid greeting.

Nowadays, people decide your religion on the basis of what you wear. If you wear a burqa, you are a Muslim and if you wear a saree, you are a Hindu. This categorization is done by our very own society and if you go against this norm, you need to be prepared for that bashing. This is seriously sick. People should concentrate on important things in life rather than fighting over religions. If she wore a saree, what was wrong in that? Did she wear something indecent that people bashed her? Can’t a Muslim wear something that’s Indian? Did she insult someone with her attire?

It’s high time we answer these questions and think twice before thrashing someone over religion.

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