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Is Sri Lanka the most negative team in International Cricket?

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 4, 2017
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We all are aware of the toxic levels of pollution in India’s capital right now. We are also aware of the shameful incident that took place yesterday during the on-going India-Sri Lanka Test Match in Delhi.

During the match, Sri Lankan players came out sporting anti-air-pollution masks to help them breathe easy while playing. Due to the ruckus on the field, the play was halted for almost half an hour. This promoted India’s head coach and former Cricketer Ravi Shashtri to intervene and request the umpires to begin proceedings.

Before this embarrassing incident, Sri Lankan bowlers had already given up to Kohli and co. mighty onslaught throughout the day. It seemed like Sri Lankan players resorted to negative tactics to stall play for the day given the plight of the Sri Lankan bowlers over 1 day of play.

As a result of the delay, Captain Kohli had to declare the Indian innings way before they could reach the desired target. What is perplexing is how come Kohli and team faced no issue while playing for two consecutive days. Also, Virat Kohli played for almost two successive days without even complaining a bit.

It is a puzzle if the Sri Lankan players were genuinely suffering due to the toxic levels of pollution or were they resorting to negative tactics to stall play and save further embarrassment for their bowlers.

As per the Sri Lankan Coach, the fielders were vomiting after every hour due to the smog. This does seem like an over-exaggeration of facts. How can two different set of players playing on the same field under the same conditions face different effects? Have our Indian players become immune to the pollution?

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