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Suhel Akter, Tripura’s Kanhaiya Kumar claims Tripura is not India, let’s talk about the Bengali’s who made it happen

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  • December 16, 2017
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The British made Kolkata their working capital before conquering India. Centuries ago, it was the Hindu Bengalis who became the primary targets for Islamic conversion, resulting in the massive population that separated as Bangladesh. It was in Kolkata where Mother Teresa opened her shop of conversions of the diseased and destitute Hindus into Christianity under the garb of “Missionaries for Charity”. Wondered why every foreign power that plots to attack India and Hinduism select Bengal as their stepping stone? If you are disgusted with centuries of slavery and the prejudiced “sickularism”, blame no British, Christian, or Muslim. Blame the Bengalis, the Hindu Bengalis. And I say that being one.

Bengalis passionately love anything that is foreign to their culture and feel elated by mopping the floor with the fabric of their own values. Do not get me wrong, this community had birthed gems like Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda and the 17-year-old martyr Khudiraam. Binay-Badal-Dinesh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roya are few more great visionaries that chose Bengal as their birthplace. But they are just like the rare occurrences of diamond in the dark pit of coal.

An educated Bengali takes pride in mocking his own culture; apart from Rabindra Sangeet and seven days of Durga Puja there is no part of Indianism, Hinduism, or Bangaliaya that he holds close to his heart – sorry, I missed, Kosha Mangsho, Ilish maach, and Aloo Posto. The absolute lack of unity and pride in one’s own culture led to over three decades of communist rule succeed by the present government that unabashedly declares its appallingly preferential treatment of “minorities.” When the Indian minorities in West Bengal didn’t add up to form a solid vote bank, the government opened its doors for illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, voter cards were printed in weeks, ration card in days. It started with the banning of Durga Puja in a village of 300 Hindu families because the 25 minority families were discomfited, and before the intellectual Bengalis could make sense of anything, under their very noses, in their capital city, the Durga Immersion was halted to make room for Muharram and Saraswati Pujas were thwart by the state police.

While the CM promises jobs to the Kins of Afrajul Khan, Hindu houses torched by Muslim mobs in Dhulagarh and Bashirhat stays unreported, uncovered by media. What happened to the 17-year-old Hindu boy whose naïve FB post engendered a riot by Muslims? He was arrested in hours. And then? Then what happened? No one knows. The Bengalis silently looked on, indifferent. Those with command over the English language, who can string two words together, channel their talent on Facebook to abuse Modi, and mourn Gauri Lankesh. Just a matter of time before, under Mamata Rule, Bengal becomes the next Kashmir, and all those Kali temples turn into debris. But refrain from blaming the TMC minister alone as the regular Bengali getting at 8:30 AM, visiting the fish market at 9 AM is to be blamed alike.

Bengal’s close cousin is Tripura as the states share the better part of their culture.  To celebrate the falsified sense of quasi-superiority by walking all over own culture and raping others, hence, come naturally to Tripuris. Their affinity for pseudo-secularism has almost made the state a Kashmir of sorts. The “minority” youth in Tripura, just like how they started in Kashmir, claims that Tripura was never India. Suhel Akter seems to be very confident that Tripura is free from India and shall remain so. Is Suhel Akter the Kanhaiya Kumar of Tripura? Is the Tripura government fueling his “Bharat Tere Tudke Honge – Insha Allah, Insha Allah” aspiration? For how long will India suffer these separatists in the name of Freedom of Speech? For how long will India, Indians, and Hindus keep giving away lands – not because we are too coward to fight, but because we are too elite to acknowledge the struggle? How long?


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