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Sunny Leone helps to ward off the evil eye!

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 15, 2018
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The name Sunny Leone is known to all. She is the most googled celebrity in our country. Within few years, Sunny Leone wooed an entire generation of movie-lovers. However, never in our wildest dreams did we think that Sunny Leone will be used as a tool for warding off evil spirits.

Yes, that’s true! Besides making superhit movies and winning hearts, Sunny Leone can add one more skill to her resume. Sunny Leone is today being used to shoo away evil spirits.

In Banda Kindi Palle village of Nellore, 4×3 banners of Sunny Leone are being used by farmer Chenchu Reddy to keep his crops healthy & safe.

He has been using her photos to distract evil or jealous looks from passer-bys. The phrase Atu Yekkada Choosthunav, Nannu Choodu’ (Where are you looking at? Look at me) and ‘Orey Nannu Choosi Yedavaku Raa’ (Don’t cry at me)  have been pasted on the banners.

Chenchu came up with the idea because his seemingly healthy crops would wither away within days and he believed the evil-eye from onlookers was the primary cause behind this phenomenon.

He finally came up with this ingenious solution to distract people. Chenchu, however, has no clue about the celebrity he has used in the picture. But he claims that the banners have done the trick as now no one even once looks at his crops. So far no one has approached Chenchu claiming that the banners are vulgar or indecent.

Chenchu’s novel move has indeed baffled many onlookers for sure. We do hope the banners continue doing the needful for Chenchu Reddy and his crop!

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