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  • All you need to know about Cambridge Analytica data breach in context of Indian politics!

    What are the allegations against Cambridge Analytica? Cambridge Analytica is a big data analytics firm from UK. It is alleged that they used personal information harvested from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that could target US voters with personalised political advertisements based on …

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  • This can be the biggest secret to Congress’ rising digital popularity. Read now!

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused Congress of being involved with a London-based firm Cambridge Analytica, which is indicted of harvesting private data from millions of Facebook profiles to influence and identify voter behaviour. BJP spokesperson and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, in a press conference asked Congress …

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  • 3 Nirav Modi facts you probably didn’t know about

    India woke up to a new scam of epic proportions today. The Nirav Modi scam has grabbed TV headlines and front page, across all newspapers in India. The business conglomerate and jewelry tycoon has fled the country overnight after causing wrongful loss, accounting to unimaginable amount of money to PNB …

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  • Prime Ministers electrifying speech and 5 Major Takeaways from it

    In an electrifying speech Mr. Modi completely decimated the opposition in the parliament. The Opposition was trying to create ruckus while Prime Minister was addressing the parliament, but he remained unperturbed throughout his speech. In his well-articulated speech, He blamed the congress of being undemocratic by serving one family in …

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  • 4 things we would love to see in 2018

    It’s been just 4 days since 2018 and we have already started pinning our hopes on 2019. What was supposed to be a new year with new changes has suddenly become a year marred with casteist-violence and deaths of our brave soldiers. Nonetheless we are hoping that the remainder of …

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  • Must Read: A Narrative of Vikas & Vijay Yatra Scripted in Gujarat Verdict of 2017

    Swami Vivekananda says, “Take Risks in your Life” If you win, you can Lead, if you Lose, You Can Guide! As I pen down my thought process, towards Gujarat which was a bit of surprise to many but not to me, In fact, In Gujarat BJP has increased its vote …

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  • 3 BJP leaders who could be PM Modi’s heir in 2024

    One could argue, but with a good reason, and it is too early to figure out on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successor as the PM of India. It is given that Modi will be the PM for at least one more term and his successor will take over from him …

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  • Is Virat Kohli Anti-National?

    India’s most talented sportsperson and biggest brand, Virat Kohli has been accused of being an Anti-National. Who would have thought it would come to this? One of India’s most popular sporting heroes has been accused of being an anti-national. The grave accusation has been made by none other than BJP …

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  • Smriti Irani thrashed Rajdeep Sardesai on national TV

    Rajdeep Sardesai is the dethroned ruler of the generation of genuine frank news anchors who are interfering and even irritating at times. Earlier, former president Pranab Mukherjee put Rajdeep in his proper place and reminded him that he is not at all talking to a simple man but the former …

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  • Dear Congress, how proud this kind of ‘Neech’ politics make you?

    If Bharatiya Janata Party is having Modi-Shah the duo working hard to make the party win in the elections. On the other side, Congress has a trinity sweating it out there to help the ruling government achieve their goals smoothly. The Congress trinity refers to Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Singh, and …

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  • PM Modi wrecked Kejriwal without speaking a single world, now its ‘Chenu’s turn

    It seems Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the smartest player of the game which is known as ‘politics’. While his BJP forbearer Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the master of pauses, PM Modi is the king of extempore. However, PM Modi knows when to speak, how much to speak and what …

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  • Is Shiv Sena the most confused political party of India?

    Shiv Sena is the only political party to present their two distinct opinions on Demonetization and that too within a month. Don’t believe? Then go ahead and read about some incidents here which make you wonder why they give such kind of statements. On 14th November 2016, the Shiv Sena …

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  • When PM Modi made a phone call to a BJP worker

    Do you know why PM Modi is most humble and down-to-earth person in the world? Every Indian knows that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famous for discipline, development, dress-code, rock star body language, dynamic looking, and excellent communication skills. Surprise to know he is the only PM in the …

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  • Sorry Farhan, calling Sonia Gandhi First Lady and Manmohan Singh President, Bollywood is but Low IQ

    Turns out Farhan Akhtar is fuming after some BJP leader referred to his industry as one with low IQ. Wonder where his angst was when his father belittled our national heroes, Sehwag and Phogat, as ‘hardly literate’? But we understand. I’d be offended too. LOW IQ? Hell NO!!!. Our beloved …

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  • What’s the chaos about PM Modi’s birthday?

    Modi will inaugurate India's highest dam--the Sardar Sarovar dam--on Sunday in Gujarat, 56 years after its foundation stone was laid down by the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

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  • Bald beautiful women shave their heads to protest against BJP in Assam

    The women complained that during the polls last year, which brought the BJP to power for the first time in a northeastern state, the party had promised to protect the interests, land and rights of the indigenous communities of Assam.

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  • Is criticizing the Government the new trend?

    ‘It’s wrong to criticize the Government without offering a possible alternative’ – Jacque Fresco We are living in an incredible era. India today is at the cusp of change! We have made tremendous progress in the past decade in the field of Infrastructure, Defence, Transport and Space research. Today, India …

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  • IAS officer’s daughter stalked by BJP Haryana chief’s son

    Meanwhile, Varnika Kundu doesn’t want to hide her identity, unlike many survivors of sexual harassment and stalking cases.

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  • Kerala emerging as epitome of Red Terror in India

    The incident was reported merely two days after a BJP state office was attacked in Thiruvananthapuram. Left wing youth members and the CPI-M counsellor was caught on CCTV footage throwing stones at the BJP office

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  • Congress Gujarat MLAs flown to Bengaluru as party grapples with exodus

    The cross-voting of some of the Congress MLAs in the presidential election has made the party tense as it sees Patel's election to Rajya Sabha as a prestige issue.

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  • Na Na Karte Pyar Tumhi Se…. taunts Akhilesh on Nitish’s NDA return

    Even after taking a line different from their ‘grand alliance’ partners, by supporting demonetisation and the NDA’s candidate for President, JD (U) members kept insisting the coalition was intact.

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  • If Mayawati, Akhilesh join hands, then it would be end of BJP; says Lalu Yadav

    Yadav further said that if Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati come together then there BJP will stand no chance in the next elections.

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  • BJP leader detained after fake currency & printer recovered from his house

    This was from a march against the black money in held January led by Shobha Surendran a BJP National Executive member and general secretary of the party in Kerala.

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  • An untold story of Ramnath Kovind

    He has a powerful appeal to Dalits in Uttar Pradesh & has extensively campaigned for the party in several elections. He is very well known for his integrity & commitment.

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