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  • Rahul Gandhi at it again. Begins temple run politics!

    After the disastrous Gujarat results, Rahul Gandhi is at it again with his tried and tested formula of Temple Run politics. On his 2-day visit to Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi has once again done what he does best. The President of the Indian National Congress started his UP journey by …

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  • Why did India take so long to pass law on ‘Triple Talaq’?

    The Lok Sabha finally passed the ‘Triple Talaq’ bill yesterday. Several BJP members participated in the discussion. Other personal laws have seen changes, amendments and restructuring over the years, either by the respective practising societies or the courts but Muslim personal laws never could see any such changes. The most …

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  • Dear RaGa, you’re close ally mocks Kulbhushan & defends Pakistan, do you agree?

    Samajwadi party leaders are Congress’s close and old associate who has been involved in keeping the opposition-affiliated and also were part of the UPA government during the Congress regime. A leader from the ‘Gatbandhan’ party has made disgusting comments against Kulbhushan Jadhav and called him a ‘terrorist’ publicly. He is …

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  • Meet the Kindest Politicians of them All!

    Rahul Gandhi might be the most mocked Politicians of the Century. We have all taken pot-shots at the youth leader including forwarding whatsapp viral jokes. However, there are certain facets to his personality which even you will adore. One such facet is going out of the way to meet or …

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  • Meet the woman behind Rahul Gandhi’s transformation

    Congress’ accomplishment in Gujarat elections is a confidence booster for the party president Rahul Gandhi. If there is an intellectual change in RaGa’s charisma, his approach towards effective interaction, then a huge credit goes to actor-turned-politician Divya Spandana aka Ramya. Nobody can deny this fact that since she has been …

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  • Smriti Irani thrashed Rajdeep Sardesai on national TV

    Rajdeep Sardesai is the dethroned ruler of the generation of genuine frank news anchors who are interfering and even irritating at times. Earlier, former president Pranab Mukherjee put Rajdeep in his proper place and reminded him that he is not at all talking to a simple man but the former …

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  • In Kerala, Kim Jong is the real Hero!

    Yes, you read that right! Kim Jong is a hero for the people of Kerala, specially the CPM. Don’t be shocked to see Kim Jong-un’s hoardings line up across Kerala. Yes, this has been the doing of CPM cadres in Kerala who look up to the dreaded dictator. It is …

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  • 4 Unknown Facts of Madamji you probably weren’t aware of!

    Sonia Gandhi – Congress’s longest serving President is about to step down from the coveted post. For many years, Sonia Gandhi happily played the role of Vice Captain while she happily let Manmohan Singh lead from the front (for Namesake). Truly, rightly said, she was the unofficial Queen during UPA …

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  • Modi Ends It with A Splash in Poll-Bound Gujarat!

    Trust Prime Minister Narendra Modi to conclude his campaign in style. Yesterday marked the last day of campaigning in poll-bound Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi insisted on flying via a seaplane from the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad (35 minutes) and landed later at the Dharoi Dam which was around 180 kms …

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  • ‘Election results will be zabardast…Congress will win the elections!’

    Congress’s Darling and the new Congress National President emphasized on a Congress victory on the last day of campaigning in poll-bound Gujarat. His confidence in a majority-victory of the Congress Party was the much-needed shot in the arm that his failing party needed. On the last day of campaigning, Rahul …

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  • These connections between Mughal dynasty and Gandhi family are interesting

    The hopeless Mani Shankar Aiyer did it yet again. Just before the Gujarat elections, at the time of crowning of Rahul Gandhi as the Congress President, Aiyer compared Gandhi family with the Mughal Dynasty. He stated that “Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb became kings, there were no elections held and since …

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  • Was PM Modi the prime reason behind the suspension of Mani Shankar Aiyar?

    It is a known fact that for the Gandhi-Nehru family Congress has eroded each and every leader of yesteryear. This was apparent from the way they did not even allow the mortal remains of PV Narasimha Rao at the party head office. His funeral ceremony was not at all allowed …

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  • Dear Congress, how proud this kind of ‘Neech’ politics make you?

    If Bharatiya Janata Party is having Modi-Shah the duo working hard to make the party win in the elections. On the other side, Congress has a trinity sweating it out there to help the ruling government achieve their goals smoothly. The Congress trinity refers to Rahul Gandhi, Digvijaya Singh, and …

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  • Does RaGa needs a math teacher?

    Rahul Gandhi- is the profound comedian than Kapil Sharma and is always in the headlines for some or the other reason. Remember his ‘Aloo ‘ machine…which will give you gold if you will put Aloo on one side… Amazing invention Now, this time, math proved to be a fall down …

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  • Let us all welcome the New Congress Chief – Mr. Rahul Gandhi

    Yes, the news is true! Rahul Gandhi has filed nomination papers as the new Congress President today! This will initiate the process for the internal voting for the election of the Congress President within the Congress-party. The internal polling process seems like a big sham considering no one will dare …

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  • ‘Pappu Can’t be Used Saala’ – Election Commission to BJP

    The name Pappu is one of the most popular names in India. The term is fondly used to address a dimwit or someone with low intellect. However, the name Pappu assumed popularity of mega-proportions, once the BJP Government started using it to address our very own Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi’s …

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  • RaGa not suitable to lead Congress party

    Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi’s leadership has been questioned every now and then by his senior leaders in the party. He may have found some new followers on social media, but his party is not confident about making him their chief. Earlier, there were reports that he would soon be …

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  • Kya Pappu  Ban Raha Hai Powerman?

    Ever since BJP came to power at centre in 2014, RaGa who is called fondly as Pappu by his critics and followers has become number one subject for various kinds of Jokes. Almost every alternate joke on Whatsup/FB and other Media would be on him. He was almost written off …

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  • Rahul Gandhi challenges BJP ministers to Trial By Combat in Aikido!

    Rahul Gandhi – a multi-faceted personality who has politics in his shirt and pants, is gifted with envious talents. After all what would you expect from a man whose dog is well-versed with social media portals. Recently at a business event, Rahul Baba claimed that he holds a coveted black …

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  • Pidi – Rahul Gandhi’s pet dog to run for Congress Presidency

    We all have been observing Rahul Gandhi’s meteoric rise in the political sphere. From being termed as a complete nobody to someone who has finally found his calling; Rahul Gandhi has come a long way. His tweets are testament to his dramatic transformation since the past few months. Rahul Gandhi’s …

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  • Rahul Gandhi is the new entertainer in town

    In this era, one who is getting the most popular tag of the year will be none other than “The Pappu of all time”. By that, we mean Congress Vice – President and mumma’s boy Rahul Gandhi. Congress Vice -President Rahul Gandhi often gets trolled over the social networking sites …

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  • What’s your full form of GST rather than Good & Simple Tax

    Indians truly love to quiz each other to test the other person’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level. Talking about IQ level, how could we not mention a popular television spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who recently announced that Indian film stars have “low IQ”. Anyway, from films, let us …

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  • This is how Rahul Gandhi is making sure that BJP wins the 2019 elections smoothly

    Election after election and time after time it is very clear where the Indian National Congress is heading. From 200 plus seats in 2009, the party has dropped to a historic low in the current Lok Sabha tally. And after this ominous performance, nothing really has changed on the ground. …

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  • Rahul Gandhi on a Temple-Run….

    India’s favourite leader (pun intended) Rahul Gandhi, is on a temple-hopping spree these days. Rahul Gandhi wrapped his 3-day visit to poll bound Gujarat after offering prayers to 4 temples at a stretch. As per BJP members, this is a timed visit to lure voters and portray the party as …

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