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Teens take it upon themselves to protest for Gun reforms!

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 22, 2018
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The recent shooting inside a Florida might not have made any impact on President Trump related to gun-reform. However, US students have now taken it upon themselves to lead the revolution for gun reform by protesting right outside the White House building.

Dozens of teenage students yesterday lay right outside the White House, on the ground, to symbolize the 17 people (including kids) who died in the Florida school shootout. All the gathered students had just one request, bring in stringent gun reforms in the USA.

The teenagers were joined by several teachers and parents in their protest. Few of the activists were also covered with the US Flag with the quote – Are we Next, written on it.

A wave of insecurity and uncertainty has spread across the United States as the recent shootout marks the 18th similar incident in the United States in the current calendar year.

Gun reforms have been a widely debated topic in the United States as anyone and everyone can get access to a gun with ease out there.

So far, President Trump has given a tepid response to the Gun-reform issue. However, the White House recently has suggested increased background checks on gun purchases.

It is to be seen if the current US Govt. implements strict laws to bring in further gun reform in the United States.

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