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Thane Registers the Maximum Number of Drink and Drive Cases!

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 2, 2018
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Looks like ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ is a joke for Thanekars, Mumbai.  The ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’ campaign isn’t doing any good especially in Thane.

This New Year, Thane registered maximum number of ‘Drink and Drive’ cases as it toppled Maximum city Mumbai from the reckless citizen’s chart.

A staggering number of 1,366 cases were registered in Thane related to Drink and Drive. It is a dangerous number considering the number of irresponsible drivers. On the other hand, Maximum City Mumbai once registered 615 cases of drunk-driving, which is a remarkable improvement compared to 705 cases in the previous year.

In order to curtail any untoward incidents, around 5000 policemen were posted at various points. The Mumbai traffic police, this time around, collected around Rs. 14 lakh in over-speeding and drink and drive cases.

Despite options for hiring a driver are easily available in the city, it is certainly pathetic that citizens fail to heed these warnings. As per the Motor Vehicle-Act, the court can levy a fine of up to Rs.2000 and also send the person responsible to jail for a period of minimum six months.

If a person is found repeating the ‘ Drink and Drive’ offense, the court can levy a fine of Rs. 3000 and sentence the person responsible for at least two years of imprisonment.

We at Fearless Indian would advise all our readers to steer away from the practice of ‘Drink and Drive.’ It not only puts your life in danger but also the others driving with you or around you.

Please, Do not Drink and Drive!

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