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The bad TIMES starts NOW?

  • Fearless Indian
  • July 3, 2015
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The twitter revelations by Lalit Modi has made headlines on almost all news channels with some carrying it for more than three weeks in prime time slot. The most vociferous coverage was seen by Times Now supplemented by the nightly shrieking of its (in)famous anchor Arnab Goswami.
But in the subtle turn of events, the situation looks grim for Times group, one of the top media houses, as the Lalit leaks is bound to bite the boss.

Taking the fight back to the news room, reportedly the government, even after being pushed to the backfoot, is planning a full-fledged retaliation. Although nothing has been revealed about the plan of action, reports are afoot that the top leadership in the government has taken the entire episode seriously.

 BJP leadership including Amit Shah was of the view that on Sushma front, both the channels (News X and Times Now) exaggerated certain facts and carried deliberate news items to tarnish government’s image. Shah has taken the so called biased coverage quite personally,” quoted a BJP MP close to Shah.

Meanwhile, it might not be that silent before the storm. BJP MP and son of Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje, Dushyant Singh has already threatened to initiate legal action againstTimes Now, if it does not clarifying where it wrongly stated that the Dholpur palace is not the property of Dushyant Singh. According to a report in The News Minute, Dushyant would sue the channel for 100 crores if it failed to do so.

The matter has further complicated for Times Now (and others) after it jumped the gun to wrongly attribute Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for delaying a flight. The latter threatened to sue the defaulters once he is back to India.


At this point of time, the ‘Acche Din’ seems to be numbered for Times Now and the likes. While the government has been downplaying the entire controversy carefully watching its back, looks like it has soon realized that attack is the best defense.
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