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The Cancer of Journalism – Arnab Goswami

  • Fearless Indian
  • July 4, 2015
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The editor – in – chief of Times Now Arnab Goswami has fallen from grace of his audiences. What started as a brand of straight forward hard hitting journalism, The NewsHour, has now degraded into egotistical, self-important rants and shouting matches where Arnab sits as Judge, Jury and Executioner, often ignoring everyone and everything but his own opinions and agendas. He has been labeled as a ‘Presstitute’, a term coined by Gerald Celente to describe a figure in mainstream media who gives biased and pre-determined views of a government or a corporation thus neglecting their fundamental duty of reporting news impartially. This term rings especially true for Arnab Goswami as he continues to belittle and accuse politicians on baseless grounds all in an effort to increase the TRP of his show The NewsHour, but the audiences have now called his bluff, they have seen through his lies and have taken to social media to express their views, a Facebook user writes,

“Arnab Goswami , look at the programs you have anchored few years back, look how different are you now, don’t you see that lot of arrogance has crept into you, is this the way you have matured, is this what you wanted to be, if all you wanted is to be famous and for what.”

Another user wrote,

“You have become insanely arrogant, you do not allow people to talk and to remind you, you are just an news Anchor, you are not a supreme court Chief Justice or a Dictator of this country. You judgment will no more matter to us nor influence our thinking pattern.”

Samir Agarwal says,

“He had already made crores of rupees by running paid debates and unfortunately we are part of this corruption by watching these debates. I urge everyone to stop watching Arnab Goswami and let him realize what he really is.”

Another user Ashish Bajpal was especially vocal in his displeasure against Arnab Goswami saying,

“Why isn’t there a law that could make these Presstitutes like Arnab more accountable and responsible for whatever bull-shit they serve in the name of News.”

Dinesh Sharma a well-known columnist tweeted,

“Every dog has its day and sadly that day is now over for Arnab, his channel will decline and very fast.”

All this anger and agitations by the viewers is a tip of the Ice-berg, to truly understand what a hateful megalomaniac Arnab Goswami really is, one has to look at the letter the employees of Times Now have written to the Owners of the Times Group Sameer, Vinit and Indu Jain. Upon reading the letter it is evidently clear that Arnab’s arrogant persona on TV is just a shade of how arrogant he is real life, “Our Editor-in-chief will publicly humiliate, deride, belittle and berate for anything and everything, even something which is not part of his/her job. Mr. Goswami has thrown out every tenet of decency, fair play and ethics and replaced it with the worst kind of misconduct possible.” It further says, “ His objective is simple: sacrifice objectivity, fair play, common sense, everything and anything just to show that Mr. Goswami and Mr. Goswami ALONE knows his job.” What does one say of an Editor in chief who quotes his grandfather at Edit meetings with pearls of wisdom like: “My Grandfather told me that the best way of getting a job done is to give it to the busiest person.” Welcome to the Goswami School of Management Philosophy. 25% of the employees that were there when the channel had started have quit since 2011, citing their reason as sheer disgust with the manner in which Mr. Goswami behaved with them on a daily basis. To this Arnab Goswami had this to say, “I can easily start my own channel and beat you guys in a matter of days, I’m so sick and tired of you guys I want to vacuum clean this place and start with a new bunch of people.”

Arnab Goswami has become like a dark cancer in the field of journalism and if not dissected swiftly, has the potential to corrupt the entire body.

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