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The FaultLines Exposed –Bolstering The Path for Scripting AtmaNirbharBharat

  • Fearless Indian
  • May 11, 2021
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As I ✍ Pen down my thought Process after a while during this Second wave of Coronavirus, I am alive here today writing some of my Thoughts cruising along these Turbulent Stormy Situations along with my Volunteering Activities for Mumbai & Pan India 🇮🇳 helping the needy with Medical Care while I Sip my favorite South Indian Filter Coffee ☕on the Current Pandemic & also the Narrative being set by Certain Pseudo Secular Politicians & Journalists sitting in India & I Western World..during these unprecedented times too…O..Gosh…My heart Bleeds when I see the lives lost…but for some for Heartless Individuals it’s business as usual Practicing their Tantraniti… Before I get into the Nuances of my Article ..I would like to State a Quote of Karl Marx-

Karl Marx once said, “Remove one freedom per generation, and soon you will have no freedoms and no one will have noticed.”

One should always remember two truths
1. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and
2. You can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

“If you see that all of this wonderful government ‘help’ is a problem confronting the future of democracy, there is hope.”

If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life, then God help you when the gate slams shut!
“Most of the problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living”.

So on this Note … I write my Today’s Article How our Leadership at the helm of Affairs is criticized for his Various Bold & Structural Reforms which paved way for more towards Transparency & Accountability Be it Demonetization, GST, IBC , Abrogation of Article 370,Aadhar Linkages, Direct Benefit Transfer, Agricultural Reforms, you know how it created Huge Furore amongst few Selected Political outfits in India & Global Platforms & few Sold Media Journalists too, And Since we are Caught in the Grip of Worst Pandemic of our Times, again eyebrows are raised on handling of this Crisis especially during the Second wave be it Oxygen, Remdesivir, not to forget the biggest hullabaloo on VACCINATION DRIVE & VACCINE MAITRI . As Chanakya Niti says Rashtra to keep the Nations interest first then to keep Self Interest, which our PM Modi has been doing in both the Terms especially in these unprecedented times with Due Diligence overlooking the obnoxious Voices created by United opposition cruising through Topsy turvy Situations & Focused only on Developmental Projects & thereby giving A Prophetic call of ATMANIRBHARBHARATABHIYAAN, which I think the essence is that of Atma Chintan, to Produce, Make in India, thereby India 🇮🇳 gave two Indegeneously Manufactured Vaccines for its Citizens from Serum Institute of India–COVISHIELD , Bharat Biotech–COVAXIN for 132cr.++Indians for Vaccination & there by exported to more than 70 Nations..thereby walking the talk of Vasudaiva kutumbukam.

What I find is that there is a Narrative created by some AntiNationals sitting inside our Nation & Across the Globe 🌎 citing a recent example especially the Medical Journal “The Lancet”…which carried out an otherwise interpretation of our PMs efforts in handling crisis..this shows that they have some political Affiliates & they better limit themselves in Medical Interpretation instead of Political Posturing by not indulging in giving Lectures on Indias State of Affairs which is working very hard to overcome the disastrous effects of Second wave of Pandemic. I hereby will give you all various interpretation for our Leadership who is toiling himself day & night to save his citizens not only from the Pandemic but also thereby giving an Enhanced Economic Package for all to address the distress of the citizens of this Great Nation.

A professional international campaign has clearly been launched, in the context of the Covid crisis, in the hope delegitimising the Modi government and weakening it fatally. The evident immediate goal is to instigate the rejection of the BJP in the forthcoming UP elections in 2022 and then catalysing its removal altogether nationally in 2024. The conspiracy has the enthusiastic support of Indian political parties facing extinction if they’re not returned to power soon and whose finances have been haemorrhaging owing to being out of power.

Now let me give you all the classic Elections of West Bengal which treaded on some Gruesome killings & Murders of RSS & BJP KARYAKARTAAS, for which the ruling dispensation failed to be accountable for law & Order of the State of West Bengal, let me give you all Some facts & Figures to put things in an Nutshell.



Electorate Demography
Muslim voter = 30%
Non Muslim voter = 70%

Partywise Vote Share
TMC = 48%
BJP = 38%
Others = 14%

Demographic breakdown of Voteshare

Party Muslim NonMuslim Total
TMC- 28% + 20% = 48%
BJP- 1% + 37% = 38%
OTHERS- 1% + 13% = 14%
Total- 30% + 70% = 100%

Non Muslim (read Hindu) votes split into 3 parts. Whereas muslim votes all banked into a single account, viz, TMC.Bengal elections 2021 did not prove the power of Indian democracy.

It only proved the power of Muslim Brotherhood. And how a simple consolidation trick could easily beat down a time tested electoral democratic system.
Prashant Kishore the so called Glorified Master Strategist was never a super genius political Pandit. He simply strategised an unholy, wily, minority consolidation using 10th class Arithmetic that you and me refuse to acknowledge even today , this is the reality but look How Narratives are Constructed upon??

Friends coming to the Various international groups which are interested in the removal of Modi and his government and Pakistan especially views it as posing an existential threat to the country’s survival in its current form. The funding for the campaign would almost certainly be of Chinese origin, which already has its preferred political party in India in its pocket. But do not underestimate the abiding interest of wealthy global evangelist groups in destabilising any government apparently hindering its religious conversion efforts. Any Sino-American efforts to destabilise India may not be specifically coordinated now, but the American and Chinese governments have, in the past, acted together to achieve common goals in India, going right back to the use of the Naxalite revolt. They were in cahoots from the 1960s owing to cooperation against the Soviets and used the blind loyalty of Indian Naxalites to Mao in an effort to use them to destabilise Indira Gandhi, enraged by her intervention in East Pakistan in 1971. She used the army and police to crush the Naxalites in West Bengal. Evangelists also work closely with Indian Jihadis who have the numbers and thus the capacity to keep India off balance. They also use Pakistani assets in India to foment public unrest and Shaheen Bagh is a classic illustration of this modus operandi.

We now know that organisations like Cambridge Anaytica are involved in India and use social media databases and global firms (all tied to intelligence services) cooperate with them, though they claim they were innocent and their data misused. I think these research-PR firms/ organisations are invariably quasi government fronts (U.K. in this case of CA) & capable of mobilising resources and underwriting a sophisticated professional destabilising campaign in a target country. Do recall their effectiveness in totally subverting Arab Spring. They have also demonstrated their ability again by sponsoring similar public revolts across Eastern Europe in order to bring to power their own puppet regimes, an effort that continues to this day, eg in Belarus. Similar private contractors are used extensively by Western governments, who wish to institute deniability when exposed to public scrutiny for the human rights violations they are engaged in to achieve imperialist goals. Note the US has announced it allegedly wishes to leave Afghanistan though their private contractors are apparently to remain in the country.
Finally, look at Iraq and Syria to take in the sobering fact that Western governments are willing to totally devastate countries and instigate millions of deaths to achieve goals and ponder why India is supposedly different because it is not.

So I rest my opinion wholeheartedly by saying Aloud that India is on the threshold of moving towards AtmaNirbharBharat come what may despite of the current situations, it’s just matter of time our Leadership whom I Trust 100% who has an Honest Intent & clear Convictions of welfare of its citizens will lend my complete Support & has full faith in the Governance of Cruising through these unprecedented times & to Script India devoid of all miseries & will rise as a Phoenix..

At the end of dark Tunnel, there is always a light similarly India will Shine & Script its own Space with lot of Resilience

Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed

A Humble tribute to all the Departed Souls in the Pandemic…!!

Salutations to our Brave warriors & Covid warriors


Hum Hokar Rahenge KAAMYAB

Jai Hind!

-Dr.Sukanya Iyer

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