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The loudspeaker has done a much atrocious than favorable to Islam

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  • July 1, 2017
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The sound in question is called an ‘Azaan’. It is simply a call for the Muslims to make their way to the mosques for the prayers, as we are supposed to pray in congregation. ‘Azaan’ is definitely not for promoting the religion; it’s simply a call for prayer. Rather than justifying this practice with comparing holy chants of other religion, peaceful existence is a practice which every one of you will ponder upon & will solve most of the problems today. Different states have their separate regulatory acts and laws and obviously the political indulgence to violate such provisions.

It goes without saying that the Government should impose a strict ban the use of loudspeakers during any religious functions violating the existing laws and making health hazards and utter discomfort by Mosque prayer calls (5 times a day on regular basis, made of any other group of Hindus (i.e the bhajan and kirtans) and the use of high volume speakers during marriage functions, sports, mela etc. unreasonably. But the question of loudspeakers in mosques is a bit more persistent as the marriages and bhajan-jagrans don’t happen on daily basis. The unpleasant noise pollution of Mosque is repeatedly questioned as because a mosque blares loudspeaker 5 times every day. Same is not the case with temples or churches.  Masjids as well as temples or in fact, anybody (even private bodies) can make any amount of Noise in India. There is no absolute and uniformed legality to ban the noise pollution in India.

Is a prayer call through hi-fi sound system or in loudspeakers are too essential from a Mosque? Certainly not as it has no such mandate from any Islamic scriptures nor it has any historical legacy as such. We did not find common use of loudspeaker in mosques for the purpose of Azaan (Adhaan) even after the 100 years of the invention of loudspeakers (in 1876). It is 1977-1980 when Indian mosques started hectic use of loudspeakers in large scale and certainly not before that. And the numbers of horns in the mosque’s minarets are gradually increasing day by day. If anyone thinks that the prospective Namazis (persons involved in Namaaz) are gradually losing their hearing capability and being deaf or it is a case of sustainable hearing loss of Allah himself, so more and more horns are needed, that’s wrong. The loud-speakers of Mosques are really the ready tool of Jihad for spreading the message of it and to provoke the Muslims to start and make war against non-Muslims in riot times.

It is hard to make them understand that faith can’t be amplified by loudspeakers. But what to do and how to make them understand –for them the low volume of speakers is an insult that may lead to blasphemy. Mosque loudspeakers have become a source of annoyance for many Saudis, particularly those living near mosques. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Mecca has ordered mosques in Mecca not to use outside loudspeakers during Taraweeh (Ramadan prayers) prayers except during calls for prayers, Friday prayers and on Eid prayers. Mosques would only be allowed to use outside speakers if they do not disturb worshippers at other mosques in the city. Not only in Saudi Arabia, even in Indonesia—world’s 2nd largest Muslim population—people have been complaining about the “loudspeaker war” in the neighbourhoods.

The violations in any form anywhere other than mosques must be restricted in same and non-discriminatory manner. Temple, Mosque or Church are places of worship. It is just that worship is done many forms. There are so many Christian schools in India. A majority of the students in these schools are non-Christian but they participate in the morning assembly and sing Christians hymns. People of different faiths celebrate each other’s festivals. But when it comes to Muslim community they have restricted themselves to a particular community or space. Have you ever wondered that why there are almost no people of other religion reside near Mosques or where Muslim community live? Whereas, you can find massive people of other religion residing near churches, gurudwaras, temples. These people have restricted themselves to a particular extent and due to this their perception has become narrow-minded. They eat, sleep, and live in a particular circle which has not allowed them to interact with the outside world for better progress and communication.

The choice in front of citizens, who want the State to implement the law and deal with a social problem, is to just relocate! Simple, problem solved. It remains to be seen if a move to ban loudspeakers from mosques will garner support from Indian Muslims or will orthodox, medieval bodies like AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) and fanatical Maulvis rule the roost again?

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