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Ticketless Traveller Caught in AC Train! Complains to Railway Minister

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 26, 2017
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Ticketless Traveller Caught While Traveling in AC Train! Complains to Railway Minister

Mumbai received its Christmas gift in the form of the first-ever AC local train in the country. The train is first of its kind and is currently plying between Andheri – Churchgate. While Mumbai-commuters are overjoyed there is one commuter in particular who isn’t so happy with the new change in his city.

Mr. Shah was travelling for the first time in the AC local train. Like his usual habit, he entered the local coach without a ticket. He also jumped and caught the window seat, out of habit. Just as he was about to yawn, a ticket-collector entered and asked for his ticket. Dumbfounded Mr. Shah requested to be let go and used all his tricks in his book. Alas, the ticket collector was adamant not to let go his first ‘bakra’ of the day.

Mr. Shah then raised his tone and got in to an argument with the ticket collector. He mentioned that the AC train which was expected to start 2 years ago was started now after numerous delays and the railway owed this free trip to him.

Finally frustrated, Shah tweeted the railway minister for help. He requested the railway minister to intervene and bail him out this time around. However, railway minister, Piyush Goyal declined his request. Mr. Shah then turned to External Affairs Minister – Sushma Swaraj – to secure his release from the situation. However, Sushmaji turned him hands down and said she doesn’t assist people stuck in such situations. Finally, Shah alighted from the train after paying a hefty fine and vowing never to board the AC local train ever again.

Sadly, Mr. Shah’s Christmas didn’t turn out quite as planned. His cool ride turned in to a nightmare. We would love to hear your experiences with the AC Local Train. Kindly comment below…

Disclaimer: The above article is a work of satire & bears no resemblance to the truth…

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