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  • September 22, 2020
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We all go through distress or events in our life that are disturbing. Most of the time these are things beyond our control. These are events that challenge us. The degree of the disturbance may vary. The times we go through it may vary. Most people heal through Trauma with time. Some need the support of loved ones and some need therapy. But the fact remains all of us have experienced it at least once in our life.

A sudden jerk while in the car, an accident, a fall that caused hurt, getting bullied, or experiencing mental, emotional, or physical abuse, or loss of a loved one, or any other terrifying event, are all different types of trauma.

Sometimes things come as a sudden shock and the person does not understand what hit them. The post-trauma stage is the most difficult period for the person dealing with it. Take time to grieve but know that you need to heal from it and do whatever it takes to do so. Ironically, most of the time people are not even aware of the same. They go into denial mode or go through the confusion about how they feel. The flashbacks and memories of the incident give them nightmares and sometimes they can feel helpless, unsafe, and hopeless in life. The negative thoughts and sadness that goes through the mind, if prolonged, can put people in a depressive state. Their world can seem unpredictable, affecting their day to day life and sometimes spilling over to their relationships as well.

People might get drawn to use drugs or alcohol to minimize their suffering. What they do not realize is that all those external supports which seem like coping crutches, are temporary, causing permanent damage to their mind and body. Instead, these take them further away from their healing.

It is very important to have the support of loved ones when one is going through such tough times. Someone who can empathize with you, or hear you out without judging you, will be of help. Talk to them. Or take help from a counselor, but do not ignore this state. If you are not healed from this pain, there will be constant anxiety from anticipating that pain showing up in the future as well. The thoughts of the event can play on a loop, making your brain fuzzy, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. You will not be able to live in the present moment because of reliving the past, again and again, taking it into your future, creating a painful life ahead. You will tend to be stuck in the pain trap, without experiencing life in any other way.

The good news is, Trauma can be healed completely. Take time to repair and heal yourself. Snap out of the situation by taking charge of your life. Every time you tend to go back and forth, realize that your mind is wandering, mindfully bring it back to the present breath. This will help you from dipping into extreme sadness and turn around your emotional state.

Remember no problem is greater than you. Trust the power that you have within, to turn things around. It is all about your conscious decision to heal yourself and rise from there. You are all you have got! So, choose to be the best version of yourself, Now!

– Trishna Kaur

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