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How the trolling of Milind Soman speaks poorly of us?

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 19, 2017
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Nation’s heartthrob and youth icon when it comes to fitness, Milind Soman has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The former supermodel and Marathon expert has inspired millions with his amazing physique even in his 50s. At the same time, his drop-dead gorgeous looks have managed to keep him in news for over a decade now.

Sadly, we as a nation, have become cynics and seems like we have lost the art of genuinely praising anyone. Recently, Milind Soman – India’s Iron Man – was vehemently criticized for his affair with a 19-year old. Ankita Konwar, an aspiring model is the 19-year old who has managed to woo one of India’s most handsome men. Reports suggest that they have been going around for over a year and their relationship, though with skewed age-gap, is rock solid despite of the media glare.

Milind Soman was trolled brutally just a day after he shared a picture on social media with his lady love. From criticizing the big age-gap between the two to calling him an old uncle preying on younger women; the keyboard warriors left nothing out. Few also went to the extent of calling Milind Soman a paedophile. Now, that is blowing things out of proportion.

Can’t we respect the choice of two consenting adults who are together for love. Also, why the hullabaloo when the girl, though young, is of legal age can be with whoever she chooses.

Moreover, what does it speak about us? Shouldn’t we stop our ‘Indian’ habit of being pesky neighbours and analysing and over-criticizing anything and everything. Can’t we stop being cynics and for once appreciate someone? Indeed, freedom of choice has gone out of the window for a toss in today’s India.

Milind and Ankita are all set to tie the knot in the coming months and we hope for nothing but the best for the lovely couple. We also hope that our Indian audience matures to accept and respect other’s privacy.

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