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How we turned Kamlesh’s tale of misery & despair in to an Insensitive Meme!

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 9, 2017
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The name Kamlesh wasn’t famous a few weeks ago. However, thanks to the internet and the good folks on their keyboards, turned Kamlesh in to an internet sensation overnight.

Today, you will find hundreds of remixed tracks on Youtube with the title – Dun Dun Dun, which were Kamlesh’s words in the documentary – The dying people of Delhi.

Writer and Filmmaker, Dheeraj Sharma, shot the documentary in an around the streets of Connaught Place, Delhi to show the world a glimpse of the lives of stranded, homeless rag-pickers who are addicted to all kinds of drugs.

In the documentary, Kamlesh shares his tale of heavy-addiction to all kinds of substances including something as simple as – ‘Solution.’

His withdrawal symptoms – i.e. vomiting blood also shows the degree of the level of his addiction. What is even more appalling in the video is that he rates and regards drugs higher than his own mother and home.
Kamlesh has no ambitions in life whatsoever and his entire life revolves around Solution.

What is even more saddening is, 80% of the total money he works via scavenging is spent on drugs.

Director Dheeraj Sharma published the documentary online with the noble intention of drawing attention of authorities and citizens towards the lives of these homeless children.

Sadly, we live in a terrible world, and all we could think of is making fun of Kamlesh and his pitiful life. We didn’t stop at that. We created multiple lyrical renditions destroying the basic moral fiber of the society that we live in.
The so-called Youtubers also created parody videos of the interview showing us that we are no better than Kamlesh when it comes to leading miserable, hollow lives.

That’s the truth behind these memes and parodies! We have become so hollow that we can stoop down to any level to have a few laughs. Truly, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi must have never thought of such rampant misuse of the internet when he laid emphasis on the creation of a Digital India.

Humor does have a line and there is certainly a fine line between crass and quality humor. If we can take offence on sexist jokes being cracked on female comedians, we should certainly mind jokes being made at the expense of Kamlesh.

We at the Fearless Indian abhor this humor! Share with us what you have to say on this current viral phenomenon. Comment now! #BeFearless


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