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UP all set to welcome the revolution in the state

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • March 10, 2017
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The BJP is likely to form the next government in UP, indicated exit polls. Times Now-VMR gave a clear majority to the BJP. It said that the BJP would win 190-210 seats. The India today-Axis poll gave 251-279 seats to the BJP in a House of 403, predicting just 88-112 seats for the alliance and 28-42 for BSP.

If the projections are true, it would reiterate PM Modi’s popularity in UP. The BJP had won 71 out of 80 seats in the state in 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Yet, in travels across UP over the last six months, what is clear is that irrespective of what people think of the BJP, and irrespective of the final outcome, Modi remains extraordinarily popular across all social groups.

BJP is trending post Narendra Modi won the election and became the PM of India. So the story does not end here as BJP also won state elections and BMC (Mumbai) elections. The Modi wave of “Ache din aayenge” is still in the air and the reviews about the work done by the government is up to the mark. Lots of initiatives were taken on considering developing India globally. For instance, Make In India, Digital India, Demonitization has affected the economy in a very good way. Lots of other schemes are implemented by the government which in some way helped rural and urban India.

Akhilesh Yadav will surely be remembered for his failure to handle communally volatile situations, especially the riots in Muzaffarnagar in which 62 persons were killed. With 247 incidents of communal violence in 2013, UP beat other states on that count. In 2012 too, there were 118 cases of communal violence recorded in the state.

If the communal situation was virtually beyond the government’s control, law and order remained grim too. Who wouldn’t recall the brutal rape and the murder of two teenaged cousins in Badaun, allegedly committed by persons close to a Samajwadi Party MP? A Shahjehanpur journalist, Jagendra Singh was burnt to death allegedly at the behest of a SP minister. These cases showed how the state police could make light of the heinous crimes in order to shield the government from the brickbats as also the politically well-connected perpetrators.

A young IAS officer, Durga Shakti Nagpal, was suspended for taking on the sand mafia in Greater Noida. In the state capital, an IG rank IPS officer, Amitabh Thakur, supposed that he was threatened by none other than the SP President Mulayam Singh Yadav himself because his wife had filed a complaint against the Mining Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati. The minister enjoys Mulayam’s complete trust.

Not just the mining mafia, Akhilesh stoutly defended the corrupt too. But, the publicity material is silent on this ignoble aspect of his government. Ironically, while the government was brazenly backing the corrupt and the criminals, Mulayam was warning the “corrupt ministers” of stern actions. It was a warning that wasn’t really meant to be carried out.

The answer is obvious. Elections are completed and a purported intelligence department survey has shown that the government is losing very badly. Defeat in these elections could mean a long banishment from power that thought is making the Akhilesh government desperate as it tries to create a make believe world for the gullible voters.

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