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Vijay Mallya – Live Life Kingstyle

  • Vishal Sawant
  • April 19, 2017
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Think of his name & a lavish lifestyle appears in front of our eyes which we dream of living. The name itself is a brand –“Vijay Mallya”. Born in Kolkata, he was termed a ‘playboy’ by business class who claimed he would squander away the fortune that he got, but proved through the enormous growth of UB group. Rise of UB group through acquisition of multiple conglomerates and revamping the Airline industry by launch of Kingfisher airlines tagging ‘The King of good times’ providing an altogether lavish experience helped Mallya to be seen the King of Lifestyle.

From being known for successfully bidding for high end historical items which were of great value, to winning the bid for Sword of Tipu Sultan worth almost GBP 200,000 to bringing the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi worth 10 crore rupees, this person left no stone unturned to fulfil his rich desires, no matter how costly they were.

Shooting hot models for Kingfisher calendar, purchase of valuable paintings worth crores, buying horses and different stuff is what Mallya is known for. With more than 20 residences including one castle in Scotland, 11,000 sq.ft main home in California to stud farm which occupies 250 race horses and a castle in UK. Completely unknown as he is very religious who works hard all 7 days of a week to pursue his dreams.

Where every individual dreams of living it classy like Vijay Mallya to have booze all around and party whole night which also is a pay check for you, it hasn’t been an easy task for Mallya these days after his pending dues were highlighted and the big guns started attacking him. The person is still relaxed and chilling out in London, arrested yet left on bail, the beauty of his life never ends as we too look forward to carry such aura of lifestyle. Mallya once finally be like “Tumhare samne se nikal jaunga aur tum pakad bhi nahe paogey”

And Mr. Goodtimes has been “Really Smart Idiot”.


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