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How Virat Kohli has proved to be a hero for the current aggressive generation!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 12, 2017
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Finally, Captain Kohli has got hitched for life. While both broke millions of hearts in the process, we do wish them a happily married future.

However, one thing is commendable the way Virat Kohli has paced his innings so far in his career. Virat began his career like any other aspiring cricketer who was eager to make his place in the Indian team. He had all the traits that were expected from a 22-year old bratty Delhi dude who had no respect or fear of the opposition. And that very attitude became the defining point of the current crop of cricketers.

His brash devil-may-care attitude attracted followers aplenty and he ensured that he kept up to his aggressive playing antics, no matter what! Seniors in the side tries to rein the out-of-control cricketer only to lose their own side in the team in the process. But our aggressive lad didn’t relent and continued with his brash attitude and scared oppositions and detractors alike.

Kohli prove to be an unstoppable force who let his bat and words do the talking (literally). A bad patch in between too didn’t deter him as he once again found his good-old form yet again, in time, for the Cricket World Cup 2011.

Kohli kept patient and was eventually awarded with the Captaincy profile thereafter. Even the added pressure of captaincy couldn’t bog him down. Nor did his love life compel to commit crazy mistakes like his counterparts in the past.

Throughout his progression from a mere part of the team to the captain, Virat has transformed into a sorted leader who likes to lead from the front. His aggressiveness has toned down remarkably over the years. He, in fact has become the leader who keeps his colleagues in check.

Virat truly has transformed in to a masterclass batsman who has become an inspiration for the youngsters in India.

Virat truly is the hero that the current generation desperately needed!

Share your wishes for India’s new youth icon, Virat Kohli in the comments section below.

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