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Virat Kohli submits KYC documents to Narendra Modi

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 21, 2017
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We are all tired of receiving notifications for linking our Aadhar card with our bank accounts. So much that few people have stopped using mobile altogether to avoid receiving mobile phones. Reports of some people crashing their MP3 players and TV screens, while the Aadhar ads played, have also emerged.

However, it seems like Indian Cricket Team’s Captain has taken Narendra Modi’s request quite seriously as the first thing he did after reaching India, post his wedding, was to submit KYC documents personally to Modiji.

Yes, that’s true! Pictures have gone viral on social media which show Virat with his new bride, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, visiting Narendra Modi at his residence. In the picture, you can clearly see Virat handing Modiji a bulky yet decorative bag. Modiji too is seen beaming on receiving the bag, apparently because his request is being taken seriously by Indian Team’s Captain.

As per our source, the bag handed over to Modiji, contains useful KYC documents including bank details which are an integral part of the entire Aadhar-linkage process.

Which makes us wonder, was Aadhar-linkage on the back of Virat Kohli’s mind all this time, while getting married in Italy?

While speaking to our reporters, Virat was quoted as saying, ‘Yes, I gave my KYC details to Modiji himself. I don’t want any more notifications while batting on the crease. The last time I got a SMS for Aadhar linkage was when I was hammering Sri Lankan bowlers all around the park. Meanwhile I received this SMS while reaching my next century.

Usually, I wouldn’t have got out but this annoying Aadhar SMS disrupted my confidence and made me lose my wicket. In the past I have comfortably taken on Sri Lankan bowlers while having my tea, while at crease.

I kept wondering about the same while doing the Manyavaar wedding photoshoot oops while taking the pheras with my girl. Hence, as soon as the wedding got over, I took the next flight to Delhi and handed over all my documents to Narendraji.

Modiji was happy on receiving my documents as others have been ignoring the Aadhar ads. I am a relieved man now and can go on with my routine life.

We are glad that Virat Kohli has become the first Indian to take Aadhar linkage-ads seriously. However, others please do take note and link your Aadhar card soon!

Disclaimer: This Content is a work of satire and bears no resemblance to the truth

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