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Watch Now! Bahubali elephant-stunt gone wrong

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 17, 2017
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The Bahubali euphoria juts doesn’t seem to die down. Despite of being over 4-months old, the movie Bahubali is still fresh in the minds of the movie-franchise fans.

From trying to build a enviable physique like Bahubali to imitating the actors in real-life, BabuBali fans have crossed all limits in expressing their love for the movie-franchise.

One iconic scene in the movie shows Babubali using the elephant’s trunk to climb atop. The scene evoked non-stop whistles in the cinema-halls along with thunderous applause. However, a Kerala Man has taken his love for the movie to dizzying heights as he attempted to mimic the epic-elephant scene in real-life.

No, the man wasn’t drunk! That’s the answer to your first question. Yes, he is a hardcore BahuBali fan and yes he appears crazy!

Believe it or not; the man attempted to try the Elephant scene on his own but not before befriending the elephant. He fed the elephant himself before he attempted to climb atop the elephant’s head, using the trunk.

However, the angry elephant was in no mood to play the role of a supporting actor as he flung the man 8 feet away without any mercy. The man collapsed within seconds. It is unknown whether the throw proved to be fatal.

Watch the video now and please do not try this anywhere. Let’s just leave Bahubali-stunts to the experts!


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