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He waved his red shirt to stop a train and saved 100s of lives

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 23, 2017
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This year has indeed been a year of railway accidents. We frequently have come across such news where there was a massive loss of lives of hundreds of passengers. As railways are the primary means of transportation used by Indians it implanted fear for railway journeys and we ended up accusing the government of its carelessness.

But, this 12-year-old boy, named Bhim Yadav has done something outstanding and worth appreciable. This class 5 student from Mangalpur, Bihar saw a break in Gorakhpur – Narkatiaganj railway tracks on his to orchards. Observing a speeding train from a distance, he predicted the danger, took off his redshirt and waved it in order to stop the train at earliest.

He was shivering in cold but kept waving his red shirt at the train until the driver halted the train. As per the reports, the driver could not understand what was happening but when the boy went on gradually flagging his red shirt, the driver applied the emergency brake and stopped the speeding train midway. Award or cash, no every reward would fall short to accomplish the brave and greatness of the little brave heart’s deed.

Rajesh Kumar, chief public relations officer of the East Central Railways, said, “We really are proud of this boy and salute his bravery”. Even railways can’t thank him enough!

Bhim Yadav said, “Once I had visited a relative in the nearby village where they were discussing a bravery of a boy. I too wanted to do something like that so the society could discuss me as well. I am really happy that I could save the lives of the passengers”.

Now, what if this Samaritan wouldn’t have arrived on time? Can we really imagine here that thousands of lives were at stake due to another neglected repair of railway tracks? It’s really appreciable to see the alertness of citizens but almighty save the fate of railways until the authority comes to action.


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