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We belong to each other!

  • Avantika Debnath
  • September 11, 2017
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Dear Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Buddhists, Zorashtrians, and practitioners of every other religion I am missing to mention, for I am not learned enough, pardon me.

Dear Muslims,

This country belongs to you.

Dear Hindus,

Relax! Don’t have a cow (we toh won’t have cows any which way). This country belongs to you too.

This country belongs to you all, also.

But have you ever spent a minute wondering whom do you all belong? You belong to each other.

We will go round and round blaming each other for mosques that were levelled, temples vandalised; caught in this vicious cycle we will not move a step ahead, but return to where we had started from, over and over again. From where I see, there is no future for any of us, as long as we stay trapped behind the barriers of hate.

Like too many utensils crammed together in my grandma’s kitchen, we have to accommodate each other within the constraints of the 3.287 million km² of land we jointly ownwe are bound to clack and clangour, chink and clatter. But we must not clash and shatter – for that will take us to a valley immersed in blood – we don’t deserve this blood bath – none of us.

I hear a lot on television, this news channel and that, this journalist and the next, smeared in the rotten mire they sling at each other, reeking of the rotten corpse they dig out from graves, they are all filthy, impure, disgusting. They don’t deserve your time or dedication.

Every word they tweet, all these hashtags they contrive, to me, is déjà vu. Do they not appear to be a reminiscent of something we all have suffered over a hundred years ago? Remember Lord Curzon? He was the one who employed the “Divide and Rule” policy on our forefathers, ensuing hate amongst us- hate so venomous that we are still struggling to breathe. We were one nation, we became three. Again, our ancestors were gullible, they didn’t know any better. With all our technologies, laptops and smart phones, unrestricted access to limitless knowledge, are we not smarter than them? Will we allow ourselves to fall for it again? Are you really willing to travel back to the British Era – no good came out of the partition of land 70 years ago, no good will come out of the partition of hearts 70 years hence. They are playing you, pitting you against each other, if you’ve failed to see it you must be a whole new level of a fool. Don’t let the cyber hate grow on you.

When I was little, India was a country of 24 states, today there are 29 states and 7 union territories. But we have not progressed one inch, we stand as a “27 & 7” at the very spot we held as “24 & 2”. And we are still asking for more divisions. Do we not realize how vulnerable we are rendering ourselves to the external enemy that celebrates our fragmentation? A stone hurts, so does a bullet. The only thing that heals is compassion. In unity we thrive – we, the people. A citizen is required to put up a fight against forces that divide them, not call wars on each other. Think, like the wise man you are, where does your victory lie?

Dear Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and all the other religious groups that take pride in calling India home. Yes, India does belong to you. But never forget, you all belong to each other, with each other.


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