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A well-deserved salute to this Fearless Cop!

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 2, 2018
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The recent fire-tragedy at the Kamala Mills Compound has brought forth several heroes who fearlessly helped those stuck at the commercial complex.

One such brave-heart is Mumbai’s Sudarshan Shivaji Shinde, who saved around 8 people from the Kamala Mills fire at One Above. Sudarshan’s pictures carrying an injured woman on his shoulders have already gone viral. As per reports, Sudarshan used the exit-stairs to reach the affected area.

Along with the firemen, Sudarshan battled suffocation and poor visibility to save those trapped inside the restroom area. Sudarshan is happy that his efforts have been lauded, but immensely sad that he could not save the other 14 who perished in the fire.

Sudarshan’s efforts have been praised by everyone including the Commissioner of Police and Maharashtra Chief Minister. However, the modest constable said that he wasn’t alone in the rescue efforts and others deserve equal praise.

Indeed, Sudarshan’s efforts are praiseworthy as he entered the burning premises without any safety and without fearing for his own life. Similarly, Mahesh and Suraj Giri deserve an honorary mention as these two employees working in the adjacent building saved over 50 lives.

Hats Off to Sudarshan Shivaji Shinde, indeed an inspiration for many!

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