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When Stakes are higher then just a Piece of Land for the Dragon!

  • Krunal Goda
  • June 20, 2020
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On the Dark Night of 15th June 2020 Indian Army created a History Post 1962 that has left China Shattered. Indian Armed Forces for the First time gave a befitting reply to China in Galwan Valley that has made a Major Casualties to the Peoples Liberalisation Army, First such strong retaliation by Indian Forces in Past 5 Decades!

Border Escalations: Need of the Hour ?

World has been keeping a close eye on the India – China LAC issue since the day Narendra Modi has been in the Chair in one of the most Emerging Powerful Nation. A well-known fact that Modis Love for Country and Securing Nations Border for Nations Interest has not been digested well by many neighbhouring countries including the Dragon Land.

Since the change in leadership in Delhi China has failed not once but 5 Times during their Face off leading a Major pressure on PLA by CCP for loosing its dominance across the borders. Owing to increasing pressure and several humiliation over past 6 years PLA had started aggressive Flag off attempts across LAC. However, on the night of June 15, 2020 The longstanding cold tussle between the 2 nations made a Breaking Headlines on the 16th June 2020 morning but this time it was not about a normal altercation but it was Indian Army giving a massive Jolt to China.

At Prima Facia as per the Official Statements released by both the countries heavy casualties were reported on both sides. While India Confirmed 20 Casualities but China is yet to officially quote numbers. Sources Say Indian Army Empowered the China PLA and has created more then 300 casualties.

The Past, The Present, The Future – Why China does it always?

History – Great Leap Forward

China has been facing many issues at both domestic as well as on international fronts and it’s a known fact that whenever China has faced any Domestic Crisis it has created pressure on borders specially with India to win over the decreasing Trust of their own Citizens. History may not be forgotten when one may recall Mao`s Great Forward Leap failure that killed more than 45 Million Chinese Citizens during 1958 – 61 leading to which it attacked India in 1962 in the name of Border Disputes.

Present – Super Power

The Present Scenario is no Different in the Dragon Land, Just like MAO Great Leap Forward Xijinping madness to make China a Super Power Dream by 2022 has created an Imbalance in the entire Global Ecosystem.

Hurdle 1 : The Uncivilized Dragon:

China is currently struggling on many fronts but their major concern is lying within its own boundaries and that is dealing with world’s largest Population. With busy in handling their Diplomatic ties across borders PRC simply ignored their domestic woes related to Civilians. Though not highlighted in Global News but the Peoples Protest and Agitation against the local Govt has been a talk of the town.  Domestic Industry has been hit since a decade specially the MSME who served as a backbone to China was seen collapsing leading to economic crisis. Followed by same was also the fact of China changing Diplomatic stands which is why many International Companies from US, Japan and other countries started opting to shift their part base to neighbouring countries. World started looking at India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand none of which the China shares a healthy Diplomatic relationship.

Hurdle 2 : Border Issue :

China Loves to Make Headlines in daily newspaper and which is why it uses an unsual aggressive approach by indulging in Tussle with their neighbours. China sweet hatred towards Hongkong is the talk of the streets followed by historic turbulence with Taiwan further slipping to South Korea in recent times.

Hurdle 3 : The Love Hate Quadrangle: US – CHINA – EUROPE – RUSSIA

To become a super power it has to surpass the Super Power in the West which calls for head on collision with the Western Countries. At the same time, it’s necessary to balance the expected loss in Trade and commerce of the West and which is when China eyed at Europe and Russia as their Strategic New Partner. It all started by selling its Stories of Building Ease of Trade across borders and need of developing strategic trade infrastructure like Silk Route under OBOR. History has witnessed that whenever China has proposed to built such a Huge Infrastructure across their borders it has acquired the foreign Lands and country like Tibet has been burning live example.

On the other hand, as the famous saying goes Enemies Enemy is a Friend and China simply followed the thumb rule by making its move to bring Russia as their Partners. Not to miss that in 1961 Sino – Russia border differences leading to Cold war is not hidden from Anybody but when China realised its over dependence on USA that shall create a road block for their dreams it had to make an old enemy a Friend who supposed to also be a enemy to common enemy. By building peace and trade with Russia, China Prepared a perfect recipe to deal with Super Power USA and emerging power threat India.

The heat has intensified between West & China with former is trying to retain the Super Power and later is wanting to become One. Recent strong stands taken by US on the domestic issues like Chinese Minority or South China Sea clearly indicates that the Road to Dreamland is not going to be easy for China.

Hurdle 4: Chinese Virus:  A Full Stop to Chinese Super Power Dreams

In the late December China was struck with a self-made Catastrophe called COVID 19. As the origination of the virus was known secret but the impact and scale of destruction was shadowed unless it went beyond control of PRC. WHO an independent body involved in global health care was also kept a partner in crime until it was left with no option but to call the Chinese Virus as Pandemic?

Chinese Originated Pandemic has brought the entire world on stand still impacting the Global Trade, Supply Chain and most importantly affecting over Millions and Killing Thousands. World economies has suffered a major setback including Countries Growth Plan, business Investment plans and other strategies. Considering the same Global Investors, Industry & others have started looking at alternatives not only to reduce their over dependence on China but also to create an alternate reliable partner. This is seen as a major jolt to China and also a clear Indication that Their dream to be a Super Power has been Shattered for now.

Zeroing Down: Relation between Dragon Crisis and Escalations:

Catch 22 Situation – Precisely is what Clueless XijinPing is into as on date.

Until December 2019 PCR strategy to deal with Domestic Issue and increase the Dominance in Foreign Land Specially the West was quite successful. AN opportunist PRC left no stone unturned to leverage on all fronts starting with adopting aggressive approach to pressurise USA in Trade War or Venturing North in South Sea or Building of Silk route. With their success in foreign land was a remarkable achievement what was eating them up was their domestic crisis like Civil issues, followed by Minority crisis, fall in GDP hampering domestic economy, Single Child Policy and many others

COVID 19 Pandemic proved to be a Thunder Lightening that Exposed the horror side of China. While the PRC tried to curb and close the severe catastrophe internally with the support of WHO but not so friendly artificial virus outplayed the Super Power in making. The expose left China frustrated and has now ruined their Super Power Dream. Their fall and diminishing strategic Ties with more than 100 countries especially European Countries who was their biggest reliable partner in is evident to the world.

Considering all and to regain the lost ground of Super Power Dream there was a need to deviate the world agenda from being called as a Culprit to a being a Victim and that’s where the India was chosen by the PRC. What could had been a better choice other than Strategically Chosing a biggest emerging threat and hitting on their strength? Escalations on the LAC was a very well planned strategy and opportunity to leverage upon for not only deviating the world from Culprit of COVID but also to hide the worst ever Domestic Economic & Civil crisis. China  has no intentions to grab the land from India but what was needed to make an impact was escalation thereby deviating the world focus to the need of Defence then Healthcare systems in order to protect the Nations interest.

However in the midst of all the chalked plans what went underestimated was the Indian Army Fight back that destroyed and foiled their Another Plan to be a Victim. The Indian Army fought back miraculously and gave a befitting reply to the extent that while Indian Side Casualties were limited to 20 but the Chinese Side casualties is estimated to be in 3 digits.


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