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Why Meat Ban: Devendra Fadnavis replies to Rajdeep Sardesai’s open letter

Dear Rajdeep,

Normally I don’t reply to every open letter by ‘senior’ journalists but this time I thought if I didn’t, the Goebbels law — speak what is untrue several times over and it becomes the truth — may prevail. Your letter is an excellent example of how a section of the media, without having sound knowledge, bashes a government with an agenda.

Let me bring some clarity to the first issue you have raised. My state government did not take the decision to ban meat. Not a single new order went from the government to any local body. The Congress government in 2004 took the decision to close a slaughter-house for two days in Paryushan Parva. It was conveyed to all municipal corporations then. Since then all municipal corporations including Mira-Bhaindar started implementing it. Additionally municipal corporations like Mumbai and Mira-Bhaindar adopted resolutions to ban it for additional days within their own powers, which in the case of Mumbai dates back to 1994. Surprisingly, none of you ever objected to it until we came to power. Obviously you were comfortable with the pseudo-secular image of the previous government, howsoever corrupt and non-performing it was.

In the case of Rakesh Maria, you seem to be confused. Your post-script says the Sheena Bora murder case should not have assumed the kind of importance it was accorded by the media. Then why did you choose to write on it, linking it with the transfer of the city police chief? A police chief is not an investigating officer but just a supervisory authority. I would like to tell you that the practice of promoting senior people, a few days in advance, is not new. Such decisions are taken keeping in mind the objective to let the new one who is going to take over understand the prevailing situation. The months of September and October are full of festivals, including the Ganesh Festival, Eid celebrations and Navratri.

If the government thought that instead of changing a police commissioner in the midst of festivities it was better to put a new person in place before the festive season started, what’s so wrong about it? Although I believe that officers have no caste and religion the point could also have been raised as to why Maria was made commissioner of police, Mumbai, sidelining two senior and equally decorated officers like Ahmad Javed, a person from a minority community, and Vijay Kamble, a person from a backward community. However, I would say that the government at that point of time thought that Maria was better suited for the situation.

Your take on sedition can be termed a classic product of a biased mind. I want to ask you whether the state is expected to convey a decision given by the hon’ble high court to the police or not? Again, not a single decision has been taken by our government in this regard. In one of the cases in the high court, an affidavit was filed by the then Congress-led government and the court delivered a detailed judgment interpreting the scope and ambit of the applicability of sedition, and also directed to convey it to the police. The department made a faithful translation of the judgment in Marathi and conveyed it to all the police stations via an office circular. Every single item in the circular is just a translation of the judgment. Mr Sardesai, you may not want to go through such details to understand the issue just because you wish to pursue your leftist agenda vigorously and passionately.

It’s apparent how much pain it causes you to mention a word about the water conservation initiative of our government — the flagship programme of Jalyukta Shivar Yojna — to make Maharashtra drought-free. It is a programme that has become most successful. The generous contributions by people — more than Rs 300 crore — have helped us to execute nearly 100,000 works in 6,000 villages within six months. The results are evident. Despite the scanty rainfall, the villages are boasting distributed water storages and increased water tables. It was lauded as a game changer by the ‘Jalpurush’ of India, Rajendra Singh, at the Stockholm Water Conference. This programme will provide moisture security to the farmers and assure crop sustainability by mitigating the effects of climate change.

It’s really sad to see that people like you get disturbed by an imaginary situation that there won’t be a piece of meat in your platter for two days when my annadata is taking extreme steps because he has no food to eat. That is why the state has decided to implement a food security scheme for six million farmers by giving them wheat at Rs 2 per kg and rice at Rs 3 per kg. The infamous legacy of farmer suicides, which we inherited from 15 years of bad governance, is a challenge that doesn’t let me sleep. But the initiatives started by our government, I’m sure, will deliver results in due course.

Whether there is a ban on meat or not, a common man expects roti or rice in his plate. And I am more concerned about it than anything else. Mr Sardesai, the content of your letter can be part of your profession but the resolve in my reply is my mission and I will accomplish it. My mantra of life is ‘perform or perish’ and time alone would decide my destiny.

Yours sincerely and without malice.

Devendra Fadnavis is chief minister, Maharashtra. The views expressed are personal.

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  • Sunil Ganu

    Very apt reply Me CM. It’s about time the media with agenda like Rajdeep Sardesai should be taken head on b ut he and like him are totally shameless, they will keep persuing anti-BJP propaganda at the slightest opportunity they will get. Media’s misinformation campaign with an agenda to malign the government is clearly evident but you need to stay course. People are not fool to not know the difference just like Modi Juggernaut couldn’t be stopped in 2014 inspite of hostile media.

    • jaydip

      Dear Mr Fadnabis
      I laud your gesture of coming out with your version of the story. I just request a few clarifications which I am afraid your busy schedule may not allow you to give.
      1. If this meat ban began during the previous regime, was this then done by the concerned municipalities or have they acquired the power to do it during your regime? If the municipalities had done it then, then you shouldn’t have blasted the then UPA govt for the act of the municipalities. And could you have stopped the municipalities from adding two more days to the meat ban, or do you feel UPA / municipalities hadn’t done enough and supoorted adding two more daya to it?
      2. If on tthe sedition issue, all your govt. did was a verbatim translation of a previous verdict by aa high ccourt judge, then in sstopping its circulation nnow, is the high court actually countermanding an eearlier order of one of its own judges?
      3. Since you found it justifiable to add the water conservation movement to your answer, which is really excellent if successful, I request to seek another clarification irrelevant to this issue. Recently Mumbai police very publicly arrested couples for being found in hotel rooms. Do you support this move? And if not, have you publicly sacked or suspended any policeman for this old stone age act?

  • capt kumareswaran

    excellent reply,i would like to suggest to stop selling of meat,fish and vegetable on foot path in an unhygienic condition,sellers may differ but it will reduce unexpected sickness to the public


      That the son of the great Dileep Sardesai bats and bowls for the opposite team during a match is very saddening.He and the Raadia tape woman are the first of the prestitutes of t.v . On news papers we have innumerable and so too in columnists.I never thought that the press and tv were so sold out to the coal , 2G etc mafiosi rule of Man Mohan Singh of 10 years

    • ashish

      sir capt kumareswaran , you think that the meat, fish, vegetables selling in supermarkets are hygienic and fresh ???

    • sangam panchanan

      Great reply from a strong CM…great.

      • asgher mahdi

        If cm Maharashtra take the defense of Congress government predece in implementation of beaf ban then why he can’t take the same defence in implementation of reservation Muslims quota for reservation and continue to do soo?it is nothing but diabolic nature of him that reflects.

    • Roshni George

      Can we buy from supermarkets and eat then? Nobody can tell me what to eat and what not to eat. Its my fundamental right, not yours or any CMs to tell what i should eat and what i should eliminate from my body. I am sorry to say I am an Indian in this situation where people do not have the freedom of choice..such a pathetic situation for the country..

  • rakshpal singh salathia

    The chief Minster open letter to Sardasai is befitting reply

  • Prasad

    Superb and befitting reply by Mr CM. Kudos.

  • Excellent reply. Hope the prestitutes like Mr Sardesai will desist from giving false information to public. Even though these media cannot do good to the nation they do not have the right to destroy the harmony .

    • Narendra Vikram Singh

      Kick on Sardesai butt he rightly deserved publishing false fabricated news that he is biased is well known but feeding false fabricated news RS should be hauled up (we cannot forget his MadisonSq “did Modi teach u all this” & then fisticuffs shameless Presstitute should be taught a lesson Rest assured your reply he would’ve torn & thrown Govt has authority give it wide publicity so that people on the street should know how Kameena Rajdeep is Haul up Rajdeep on charges of spreading rumours quiet action should be taken

  • siddharth laskar

    Dear CM

    I respect your thought & the progress which will be done under you & your leadership. Media people like mr. sardesai will keep taunting the goverment because your team doing good work. till we the people of india is with modi government which is doing excellent work no journalist can set a negative set back in the mind of people of India.

  • Shailesh

    Befitting reply to a basterd journalist.

    • Punditji

      Absolutely, Shailesh.The so called leftie humbug-Rajdeep, lives with his obnoxious wife-Sagarika GOOSE in a Rs 50 crore mansion in Delhi.The lies spouted by shameless ,pseudo-secular journalists needs to be exposed. They are enemies of the state.

  • Niraj Shah

    Rajdeep Sardesai Rajdeep @sardesairajdeep it’s no wonder that you got slapped in USA. you are good journalist with buyers opinion.

    • Kartik

      I think it’s time he gets another one right here right now. This reply of Mr Fadnavis shld go Viral

  • Ratnakar

    Good initiatives of govt’s will not be lauded by these sickular presstitues, they need to remind time and again that govt is chosen by majority votes and it needs to look after these majority voters also.
    Satta me the to khisa bharo, Satta gayi to jail bharo.

  • Dhiraj Singh Bhandari

    I entirely agree with the chief minister. These days the media has developed a tendency to raise and discuss issues without going into their genesis. This is particularly so if the concerned govt. is led by BJP. The media just tries to be the sole guardian of secularism and democracy. The kind of reporting done on various issues rather vitiates communal harmony in the country. The govt. should guard against such journalism and strongly rebut the arguments and surmises and give out true facts of each case. That would expose such pseudo-journalism which is out to gain some cheap publicity. Its the job of the media to give true facts to be public and also educate it on social, national and other issues of national importance. Rather than doing that, criminal cases are discussed in great detail as if there is nothing else of significance to be reported. This exposes paucity of thought.

  • Sir,
    A fitting reply to non-issues raised by a so-called “messiah” journalist. My sincere opinion is please do not waste your invaluable and precious time in replying such people and go ahead with the vision and commitment on fulfilling it for the great state MAHARASHTRA as its one of the best CMs. Congratulating and saluting you on completion of one year as CM. Namaskar.

  • MNKrishnappa

    A fitting and well addressed reply.A reply to all those who keep repeating the LIE over and over again.

  • Devender Kumar

    I stopped watching THese X gen news channel and switched to DD News…….

  • Rajiv Saxena

    Very well replied by Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. I know you are the most capable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, so keep going.People have very big expectations from you.

    Wish you all the best.

    rajiv saxena

  • lalit

    haha good reply. Rajdeep, the joker , performed badly once again.

  • karunakar Puthran

    tooooooo good.I appreciate style and functioning of Fadnavis.I have already predicted that he would be the Prime Minister of this great country in 2024.

    wishing him success.All he needs to do is just free from corruption and keep going in the same manner he is now moving.

  • Megha Sen

    It is high time these pseudo-secularists are taken head on. Some of them are obnoxious.

  • Mr Sardesai is one of the most cunning persons ever I have seen in my life of 67 yrs. Such persons are one of the reason to defame our country in the world.These ppl. are the main cause of spreading riots in INDIA,They seem to be paid employees of the enemies of India.Their movable & unmovable properties must be enquired.Last time when our worthy P.M. was in America ,there he provoked the ppl.& created scene only to defame our P.M. as well as our country.He is habitual of misinform the countrymen to create new trouble for the ppl. I belong to no party but still I feel he is deadly against BJP particularly Mr. Modi.There must be some strict law to handle such mischievous journalists so that others may not follow the suit.

  • शशिकिरण वझे

    सुंदर चपराक ठेवून दिली .
    बरेच दिवस गाल चोळीत बसा राजदीप साहेब.

  • Shirish tatwawadi

    Very well put CMSir you hit the nail on the head the presstitutes understand only the language of strong rebuttals from head of govts. The comman man they treat as duffers

  • Aniket

    Mr Sardesai, the content of your letter can be part of your profession but the resolve in my reply is my mission and I will accomplish it.

    Very well said Mr.CM, thanks for publishing this.

  • setha nair


    it is a wonderful exposure of the hapenings of the govt. The media highlights unnecessary topics and good deeds are side lines. I hope Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai will display your letter to all the viewers and have a debate on it.

    Thank you

  • Datta Yadav

    Sardesai is pseudo-secular person . American’s were bitten very sadly .

  • Narayanan Kutty Menon

    Mr. CM respects to you for putting down these scum presstitutes. They had good run for their money when their time was ripe. Now it is pertinent for leaders like you to show them their real place. Dustbin.
    Salute to you once again for your frank response to their cheeky mail.

  • amit

    Rajdeep and Go-Swami both are misguided missile…

  • krishnan subramanian

    Hats off to the CM Devendra Fadnavis for giving a fitting response to these journalists.

  • Harish

    Super reply to idiot journalist , who just want to resurface from darkness by clinging on to some stupid anti BJP congress sentimental to show him self as massiha of everyone.
    Rajdeep get some good sleep and good air to clear your dumb brain.

  • ashutosh

    helllo similarly i would like some neutral person to give a insight in ftii strike by so called tudents living in the campus for more than 5 years

  • Anand Kamalapur

    Mr Devendra Fadanvis,
    Chief Minister.

    Excellent rejoinder to Rajdeep Sardedai. Time has come to teach these #Presstitutes befitting lesson for spreading incorrect information. As rightly pointed out by you media is blind to positive development & news and spend or waste time on useless news which common man least interested or affects his life-size like that lady Borkar case. Even our former President A P J Abdul Kalam has commented on negative mindset of Media. Standard of India’s media poor & deplorable. That’s the reason I have switched over to DD Channel for news updates – wherein you have peace of mind, follow clearly what is discussed & above all there is no noise pollution.
    People should fight against negative mindset / reporting by #Presstitutes.


  • Anand D Nadgouda

    Bare zale .Sonaranech Tochale Rajdeep Sardesaiche Kaan. Aata Cholat Basu De Aaplech Kaan. Madat Ghevude havitar,Bayali Sagarika Ghosh chi, Milali Tar? Abhinandan & Dhayavaad CMSaheb.

  • Yograj Grover

    All applauds for the chief minister, Rajdeep is have bite bullets for his work. He had in USA nad now here. Time soon is coming all journalist has to amend and think only of nation, if they have to survive. Time will tell.

  • Ripal mehta

    excellent letter mr. C.m . This anti hindu anti national naxalite rajdip should have been under arrest for his blatant communal reporting and promoting enemity amont different religios groups

  • Ripal mehta

    excellent letter mr. C.m . This anti hindu anti national naxalite rajdip should have been under arrest for his blatant communal reporting and promoting enemity among different religios groups

  • Pankaj

    This make “mr sir rajdeep” beaten up at Madison square NY, mr rajdeep lill knowledge is always harmful.. Get your fact clear

  • shashikant karkhanis

    Dear Hon,ble C M Devendra Fadnavis…Don’t west your energy in replying to such bastard journalists..he doesn’t believe himself as maharashtrian….I take this opportunity to wish you all the best ….

  • I respect the CM for this reply to Rajdeep Sardesai , It means CM gives importance to his job with accountability

  • shashikant karkhanis

    Very well reply by C.M. thank u Devendraji…wish u all the best…

  • v s sharma

    Quote” Mr Sardesai, the content of your letter can be part of your profession but the resolve in my reply is my mission and I will accomplish it.”
    The above line speaks volume and that is enough.
    sir, you pl. go ahead with your mission.

  • Raaj Nair

    Excellent reply Phadnavisji…these guys are more concerned about frivolous issues and the record of Rajdeep Sardesai we all know from his TOI days…but how come he always find himself being the devils advocate he himself will hv to find…but the CM has put the record straight….there should be such terse reply all the time…the people are with you…

  • Sushant Kumar

    Mr. Serdesai, can you not stop writing all your absurd comments. Don’t you think that you have equal responsibility with the government to help the farmers in Maharashtra? Poor guys are sacrificing their life and you guys have time to throw balls on each other’s.

    Shame on you man!


  • surya thakkar

    No dout its an very good control reply but one should not reply to anti Hindu reporter and sardesai is one of them

  • H K Kulkarni

    A reply from sincere CM : that is hard hitting, down to earth, straight from the heart – to Raj deep, a senior member of Pressititutes’ Club

  • Sivaprasad Panda

    Dear Mr. Fadnavis,
    It is better not to spend any time and energy on persons like Sardesai. He does not deserve a personal letter from you. Remember the way he was treated by the public in New York, when he tried to make derogatory remarks against Mr. Modi. He deserves such treatment.

    • saipathudut

      Of course, you are 100% correct Mr. Sivaprasad. The time and energy he spent for writing a reply to that biased person is a total waste, but Mr. Fadnavis hit the bull’s eye in doing so. Let us all hope that those biased persons will keep their mouths shut at least for the time being.

  • Ramesh

    Perfect reply by the CM. This third class Presstitute Rajdeep Sar(dard)desai should actually be prosecuted for spreading lies and indulging in defamatory activities against the government and government officials. He should thank his stars that this government is tolerant towards such anti-social elements. In the same breath, I would also appeal to Mr.Fadnavis to initiate legal proceedings against this Presstitute so that it marks the beginning of an era when such mischief mongers start thinking 10 time before they publish such crap.

  • Durgesh Rao

    Excellent reply by our CM Mr Devendra Fadnavis to the media.
    Sir we have high hopes from you.

  • Rishabh

    Couldn’t agree More With Mr Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

  • prakash vaze

    Excellent reply.
    Sardesais, Wagales,Bagaitkars,K.Ketkars and other few journalist are BLOT on India media.Their contribution, on Clean India,Make In India,water conservation,FARMERS SUICIDE,is NIL. Reasons behind it are many like Modiji and his team is not taking them with family to foreign tours at cost of public money.
    They are feared that Digital India will stop advertisements.
    So we should just IGNORE them. That will be penalty for them.

  • Awesome,fact-based and logical reply by the very capable and dignified CM of Maharashtra.

  • umesh

    Very well pointed and explained

  • very well explained

  • Alok Sharma

    Some Journos are interested only in sensationalising the non topics in to TRP enhancement for their channels Rajdeep Sardesai is no exception. His views and actions were quite evident at Madison Squire where, he was bashed up by a patriotic crowed . Nothing personal but it pains to see a son of such an illustrious father jumping T V channels after one another…..getting caught red handed in the elevator in not a very happy situation (Happy for him but getting caught was not)! and creating issues out of non issues is really pathetic to watch……… I personally switch to some other channel the moment he appears.

    • sharad

      I agree.
      This is the exact reason .. why Rajdeep did it. cheap TRP stunt.

  • Robin Chatterjee

    The perfect reply for all the misinformation being spread by this channel. These journalists are rotten to say the least. They always try to sensationalise the falsehood taught to them by these channels. Rajdeep will always be remembered for his yellow journalism. My humble submission after reading your article is please ignore these filthy mindsets.

  • Madhukar

    TV anchors are accountable for TRP only, they are masters in propagating convenient half truths in pursuance of their goal-money and only money

  • M A

    What a load of rubbish? Of course they have an agenda & it is political & it is over saffronization of the country through its gullible masses… & Devendra Fadnavis could not have written this reply, if someone had paid him to… He is another muppet, & so is his ghost writer….
    No Govt in a democracy should have the authority to dictate what I eat or drink. Those who don’t like it or chose not to eat meat (chicken beef pork, fish, goat whatever) that is their choice…
    Similarly it should be our prerogative in this so called Pseudo secular democratic nation to consume those meats if I so chose to. Why would there be a BAN on it ??? It is the new in thing with this new Govt. Whatever does not conform to their religious/social beliefs is BANNED… I mean who the &*#% are you to impose those bans – You might as well convert the leadership into a dictatorial regime… God knows what next they will propose to BAN.

    Have you heard him speak… when was the last time he ever heard of the term “Goebbel’s Law”
    Murphy’s Law is what probably applies to him & his cronies.

    Anyway – I am not advocating Congress or BJP – but this whole BAN on anything the govt doesn’t like is just plain childish.

    What a blatant waste of time & resources these guys are? No wonder the country has not progressed…

    & Money does not mean progress.

    When there is social up-liftment (& by that i do not mean Rob peter& pay Paul or reservations) & the standard of living improves that is called progress. You can have all the White/Black/grey money in the world – yet the country is in apathy.

    That is pathetic..

    Then they talk of bringing in BLACK MONEY stashed overseas in Swiss Bank Accounts
    Funniest thing i have heard in a year… Why don’t they raid the houses & stores of the local Politicians & MPS/MLAs / Ministers. You will find “THE WORLD’S WEALTH” in CASH sitting in rooms in gunny bags.
    Ironic – & they toot that horn about getting the Swiss to release names of account holders.
    How stupid does the govt think people are? that this little hogwash about getting India’s “wealth back” from Swiss banks would work on them.
    Actually I take that back.. most people even educated idiots get swayed with these heart touching speeches by the PM & his cronies

    Anyway those were my penny’s worth & I am sure we will hear a whole barrage of comments & abuses hurled – It will change nothing – but the fact remains.

    Have a lovely day!!!

    • Gaurav

      Hmmm……And every country that bans stuff like pork, alcohol is a country ruled and guided by fuckall policies and beliefs! Just think what is the common word in the official name of most such countries!

    • S R

      Why play the blame game on the previous government when cornered?

  • Srinivasa rao Sonthi

    Excellent reply sir. Kudos to you Phadnavis sir.

  • sahadev k

    Fitting reply to these journos bent on destroying India

  • Rajeev Jain

    Come with the valid points how the previous Government were inactive and what is your credential and what you did for state once you have taken charge. Stop talking shits

  • w. r. dantale

    Some how or other such persons want to create UNREST and disturb Peace and nothing.
    हत्ती चले बजार, कुतते भोंकेहजार.

  • Manish

    Well said Hon CM Devendra Fadnavis. We want solutions to our problems. sometimes we found some of Media houses just try to make a problem more dangerous just to boost their TRP.

    As a common man i have complaints with Government institutions but even though i have confidence that sooner or later new State government will deliver the solutions to the problems we have in our Secular Society.

    Jay Maharashtra

  • Neetika Inamdar

    Amazing Honest and Sincere Reply Devendraji !Proud to call you MAHA CM!

  • saipathudut

    Mr. FADNAVIS, did you know…how SAD (NOW) HE IS? #DevendraSlapsRajdeep

  • Deshi

    This is site is by RSS for BJP and no place for diverse opinion.

  • Sandeep Rathod

    It was really good to read this reply. Finally we are moving forward is what I can feel now. 🙂

  • Shubhakar

    Dear Mr Devendra Fadnavis,
    Pls dont waste your time on explaining the so called senior journalists. They are not worth it and today they are interested in increasing their channel TRP and minting money. Most of the so called journalists are interested in ONLY THEIR AGENDA and the country. Breaking news , first on our channel ,….. All market gimmick. Pls concentrate on the mandate and fulfils the peoples aspirations…..

  • Chandran Avinjikat

    An apt reply to the self styled saviour of bla,bla.. Sardesai had faced many an embarrassing situation because of his myopic outlook. But luckily Indian public cares two hoots for his bla bla…

  • Nalin

    I am not a politics driven fellow but I must say that Mr. Fadnavis has penned down an absolutely necessary reply to Mr. Sardesai. I sometime wonder why Mr. Saredesai is so much worried about meat ban, there are much bigger agendas and issues which needs media attention (support is the precis word). Why Mr. Sardesai is always blaming and pointing out people for all the wrong things. I want to share a very common saying with Mr. Sardesai that “Charity Begins At Home”.

    I want to know even a single act of kindness done by him which has subsequently benefited the countrymen of India. Responsible journalism doesn’t mean to criticize only, while government was busy in implementing programmes like Jalyukta Shivir Yojna, he never spoke in word for encouraging people of Maharshtra. Sitting in A.C. Offices with a microphone and camera means you have power with responsbility.

    And Why Mr. Saredesai is questioning of appointment of Officers by government, if he thinks he is much more capable in doing this, he should either contest election and win or write Indian Administrative Services exam and get selected further to execute such decisions.

  • N R Deshpande

    A befitting reply. Well done CM. MR in special and country in general is proud of you. God bless you


    Rajdeep Desai is a fool and live in fools paradise.

  • Sandeep M

    Excellent reply for Pseudo Seculars. I sincerely appreciate the courage of yours in giving a correct reply for them.

  • sandeep

    dear devendraji well done this was needed for such type of agents

  • N R Deshpande

    A befitting reply. Well done CM. MR in special and country in general is proud of you. God bless you

  • Sudharsan

    Excellent reply Mr. Fadnavis.

    As other members pointed, it is better to put your concentration & focus on various issues faced by the people and State, rather than wasting it on futile arguments.

    Today’s media does not enter into the subject. It is only a maze runner on the top with a biased mindset. This is very much seen in multiple news channels & Mr. Rajdeep is not an exception.

    Let’s forget the past – Past includes any party’s governance. That’s gone forever.

    Present and future is in your hands. So keep up the good spirit, do your best with 100% determination.

    May you always get success.


  • Kripa

    Well said Mr Fadnavis

    Proud of the fact that u belong to BJP

    And not hypocrats

  • maharajan

    total super answer to the mr.sardesai by a common man

  • Pravish Shetty

    Take a bow Sir! After 31 years as a Mumbaikar, today I feel belonged to this place. A sense of doing something for my Mumbai is etching my nerves, all thanks of Maharashtra being in safe hands at last. I am sure the progress of your government will take time to be visible to the naked eyes of my people because the damage caused by the previous government was immense. But I have hope and I have determination that you and we the people will make it happen. May you be blessed always with a healthy life.
    A proud Mumbaikar.

  • Ashay

    “Whether there is a ban on meat or not, a common man expects roti or rice in his plate. And I am more concerned about it than anything else.”

    The point is , Mr.Phadnavis, that I won’t eat a roti or rice if there is no meatin my plate. Basically, you don’t have the rights to tell me what to eat

    • Sunil

      Dear Sir,Pl keep a fast without eating for two days and then say that I wont eat roti without meat. You may not agree with Mr Fadanavis but pl dont make a mockery of hungry people by this sentence.

  • Sunil Bhartia

    Oh Yes! Chief Minister Sir, That is the stuff we know you are made of. I have known you since you were Mayor of Nagpur. Would often catch up with you near “Chai Tapri” infront of BJP office in Amar Palace, Dhantoli. You can do no wrong, you are too good for that! Bash on regardless Sir. Oh Yes, I had, then in 1998, spoke with you about you being Maharashtra CM. You laughed and had said that if so, will treat me to best Marathi Jevan. Still waiting Sir!

  • sitaramh

    These prestitutes should not be allowed freely.Some peneutive action is required for false information/publicity

  • rangarajan

    how much these left leaning anchors earn from their network. I suppose if andwhen the real left come to power these vulgar rich will run for cover or better ,fly off to some tax haven

  • Atish

    Well done Devendra sir .. This is the proper answer to media

  • Raj

    Excellent sir…Rajdeep deserves a slap with a chappal…repeatedly..

  • umesh

    The trash pusher does not deserve any reply as he is in the habit of putting forth half cocked assumptions to exercise what we may call freedom of press.That he is biased is in everyone’s knowledge In fact the people in Newyork had roughed him up to teach him a lesson not to demean our national leaders.Like the old time mercenaries he does not mind spreading lopsided news for suitable reward .Even in his interviews guests have blasted him off for his ignorance and for asserting false information .His general line of Thinking is crooked and he tries to marshal the facts to suit his weird thinking.Wise leaders just shoo him off as they know that he is a pervert and paid pen pusher.

  • Raj

    Excellent response. Rajdeep- we would like to hear your response.

  • himabrata das

    wonderful reply…all the best Mr Chief Minister!!

  • naiker

    maybe a commom man needs meat too (mutton or chicken or meat from other animals) beside the roti or rice.
    how do we assume what the common man needs. and why do we have to look into their plate
    (what they eat, how they eat, and when they eat. should be left to the person eating)

  • Vijay. Naidu

    Kudos Devendraji,You don’t have to give attention to all the barks & whines.A fitting reply & all the best for your Vision for the farmers.We really owe them their due.

  • Anurag Shrivastava

    Dear Mr. Fadnavis,

    Kudos to your reply to the open letter of Mr. Sardesai. But much more appreciable are your efforts being taken in the interest of common man and farmers. Your reply is a perfect slap on the face of the so called journalists rather yellow journalist, playing in the hands of pseudo secular political forces, for their own vested interests. Perhaps its the vested interests of Mr. Sardesai himself, that prompt him to right such letters/articles to buttress the pseudo secular interests. It is sad that the nation has still not learnt, what to believe and what not to and the people just get carried away with what ever is highlighted by the media. Media has now become just uncontrollable and instead of being the fourth pillar… they think that they are the only pillar of democracy.

    Under the circumstances, Sir, your reply was not only much required but fully justified also.

    Thanks & Regards

    Anurag Shrivastava, Advocate
    Managing Partner,
    JURIS CONSULTUS Law Firm, Bhopal, M.P.

  • Nirmalya

    Fantastic Reply by CM of Maharastra , the Media house are known for many occasion projecting prejudice opinion may be due to lobby or some other TRP aspects, we must see that the Govt focus back to real common man concern issue than any TV show highlight issue. We prefer to see TV news on realistic ground than any provocation subject. Specially this English news channel journalist/s which has the liberty of open speech need to show how authentic news he /they produce. We should not draw politics on every issues just to prove their own great anchoring ability.

  • Parin

    Best article..

  • excellent reply. People like Arnob Goswami, Karan Thapar, Zakka zacob, Nidhi Razdaan, Soniya Singh, Sreenivasan jain, Shobha De etc should be shown thier real place. They have ANTI Modi DNA & are still not able to digest that Narendra Modi is PM. They just keep convulsing

  • Jurd

    Both side have mixed truth with Lie
    While the Ban during Paryushan was a Congress initiated the extension in all places were at the behest of BJP MLA
    Also he says he didn’t ban the beef but he should be reminded of what he tweeted after presidential assent
    “Thanks a lot honourable President sir for the assent on Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill. Our dream of ban on cow-slaughter becomes reality now,”

  • Suhas

    What a splendid reply. Thanks -Mr.Fadnavis for putting your words. We now know the true side of coin .

  • Harivadan Thakorbhai Dalal

    Journalist like Rajdeep has no right to live in India, he should migrate to country of his choice and pursue his dirty politics.

  • ravi ranjan

    Sir, you have done a great job like a law abiding politicians. The government who had made the rule on it and have not a courage to implement it. We appreciate you and your decision also..

  • Gopinath

    Appreciation for CM and nice slap for Chamchagiri Sardesai…

  • Beena Singh

    Very objective answer. I hope people who come in TV rooms could answer the questions in the same.

  • Samuel

    Good 1 Mr. Devendra Fadnavis….

  • Krishna Ambatipudi

    Rajdeep Sardesai kind of journalists tarnish our country’s image again and again…I salute the Chief Minister of Maharashtra who has given a befitting and logical as well as correct response.

    Basic food is first and toppings next kind….

  • Brilliant reply!

  • Tej B Singh

    I must congratulate the dyanamic chief minister of Maharastra for a befitting reply to Sardesai’s false and motivated agenda against the Bjp govt. in the states and centre.

  • Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife two journalists along wth some others are always to criticise and talk negative about BJP Govts and Prime Minister.
    they are far from truth. they cannot find truth, they do not believe in honest media .. what to do.
    CMs reply is apt..

  • Abhishek

    It clearly shows the widespread lack of sincerity towards journalism in todays Indian Media….Content less, research less, bias, highly unprofessional.

    I have switched back to old DD news rather then listening to shouting jokers.

  • Atul

    “Mr Sardesai, the content of your letter can be part of your profession but the resolve in my reply is my mission and I will accomplish it. My mantra of life is ‘perform or perish’ and time alone would decide my destiny.” This spirit will lead us to freedom from this pseudoseculars.

  • raghu

    Sir, The so called prestitudes are impossible and irresponsible. I m sure that under your leadership we will flourish…

    Ignore Sardesai and Sagarika…they are anyways without proper job…

  • Tej B Singh

    We must salute to Mr Devendra, the C.M.of Maharastra for giving a very befitting reply to false and malicious allegations by Mr Sardesai.We have observed that journalists like Sardesai are rabid in opposing anything good being done by state govt and central govt. Remember the same sardesai was following Modiji to the United States and his malicious reportings.Someone has to take stand and happy that now he has been shown the door.

  • Ashutosh

    A very well written response. It was much required to shut the ongoing media trial on every issue. Till date I am unable to understand why there is no program showcasing the plight of the farmers at marathwada something that DNA is covering they the ‘adopt a family campaign’ as it would help in people and govt being aware of the situation first hand and help them. I would urge the CM to look into the stories of the farmers for ours is an agriculture based economy and we don’t want our farmers to be in this state.

  • Shamrao Vinekar

    Excellent fitting reply by Hon.Chief Minister to the modern days Goebbels Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai. Bravo Mr. Devendra Fadnavis!

  • Ratna Mukherjee

    My salute to CM, Maharashtra. I know honourable CM Sir that this govt. in Maharashtra and in Delhi is working tirelessly to make it a better country. Mr. Sardesai is have a grudge against Modi ji’ Govt. Why to bother for such a person. He is not the voice of this nation.

  • Srinivas

    Let these journalist hang themselves. Kudos to the super reply.keep up the good work sir.

  • सुधीर कुलकर्णी

    सुंदर उत्तर ,खणखणीत कानफटीत
    भंपक पत्रकारीतेले.
    फडणवीस असेच आक्रमक रहा.
    ही पीलावळ अशीच ठोकली पाहिजे.

  • Rajagopalan L

    A fitting reply for the presstitutes.


    exilent reply mr. CM…in jese dalalo ko jute padne chahiye bhare bazar….apne achhi ijjat utari h iski….

  • Mayuresh Sant

    Loved the reply of Hon CM!!! Kudos!!!

  • Darshan Aryal

    Sir instead of blaming the congress you could have been THE CHANGE.I being a resident of Mira Bhayandar would like to bring to your notice that not only meat was banned but also all the daily wagers who depend on the daily income from selling potato and onion based Dosas,Sandwich,Chinese was also banned.And sir you tell us that you are worried about the ROTI.Sir keep your politics with you.

  • vijay kachru

    A fitting reply,necessitated by media onslaughts
    It has become fashionable to find fault with whatever the Govt does No decision is sacrosanct for ever but we should be prepared to debate dispassionately Unfortunately, this does not happen these days Absolute dearth of leadership

  • raju balabhadra

    The media has taken a new low with their own interpretations and bias or self interest. media have become more preacher than ever before with out any morals and decorum. While to comment by media is acceptable with its highly biased journalism it has lost respect among public. its has its own agenda to promote celebrities on discussion any issues. hats off to devendra fadnavis. may be the best chief minister of this country!

  • Reddy

    Shameless people have hidden agendas. Normally, I wouldn’t have expected Mr. Phadnis to answer to this street fighter but sometimes you have to give it back even if you risk the option of getting him some fame. Sardinia obviously has no moral values and his career is past the expiry date and Mr. Pad is may have unwittingly given him a temporary lease of life.

  • Atul Kumar

    Congrats to CM. Rajdeep should published a clarification immediately and tender apology.

  • s k srivastava

    Good. This all is needed by Your and Centre BJP Govt. I found that bJP reply in phrase but these people do not understand this,they listen direct open worded reply &conversations.These media will learn then also at every stage and plate form BJP should speak in clear,direct and in a straight way.Pl.Bring facts of Land acquisition bill2013 which put provision for social impact assessment,consent of 70% effected farmers stake holder meetings like NGO in connection of defence, & strategic project as Mr jetally narrated.Because a veey large fraction does not know this.

  • Aniruddha Deshmukh

    A beautifully penned reply, Mr. CM. It is time, all educated people understand the leftist agenda of the pseudo secularist journalists, and media. It is time Mr. CM, that Jalyukta Shivar Yojna, food security scheme becomes known to the people living in cities. Heavily advertise the same like “Give it up ” Subsidy.

  • Dhananjay

    Mr Fadnavis , let Rajdeep bark , you keep on with your work , the nation is with you.

  • Biju

    Good Orator, but the truth is that 600 farmers committed suicide from Jan 2015. Sadly, you were roaming around the world most of this time. I do not think you should travel abroad a lot to serve this state. I feel pity on the officials and politicians who have no bad feeling of death of the poor farmers. And also feel pity for the blind supporters of any one political party even if they do not do what they should have been done.

  • prafulnimkar

    i appriciate the stance taken by mr phadnavis , his sinceriety and commitment, i like the words perform or perish , this attitude was never seen in the govt or in politics in the past , i support mr phadavnis

  • Swapnil Gaurshettiwar

    Kudos Mr.CM !!!

    Common man expects both roti and rice , not roti or rice 🙂 and I hope BJP will give them both.

    Swapnil G

  • Ravindra Padhye

    We are with you. You are doing well for farmers & its not a magic that the problems will be solved immediately.And because of your good work the both Congress are worried about their future.They are unable to make profit from drought.Actually media is to be held responsible for ‘breaking news’.Media should never be let free for their articles which are baseless ,provoking & dangerous for peace of society.After all its paapi pet ka sawal hai?media ke liye.


  • Amit

    Excellent response from Dev. Rajdeep has an inspired agenda since the day modi govt has come to power..

  • CA Ramakrishnan K P

    Brilliant response from a capable, sensible, sincere and bold chief minister.

  • Jabir

    nicely written !

  • T C bhat

    Should we react to every barking

  • Shirish kolarkar

    Xcellent reply mr cm.
    Carry on t good work…people like rajdeep do not like to see prospering n trouble free india…

  • pradeep

    very well telling blow on these media ppl who have become judges during prime time….

  • Anand Nayampally

    Superb reply Shri Fadnavisji! I appreciate the contents wholeheartedly, not just as a supporter of BJP but for the logical manner in which you have chosen to silence Rajdeep Sardesai, a known anti-BJP TV journalist. Congrats.

  • Sanil Varghese

    Dear Mr Devendra Fadnavis,
    It is your duty to give Wheat and Rice to the downtroden. Just because the previous Govts did not do it doesnt make you a hero.Whether the meat is banned by the previous govt or not it is your duty as Chirf Minister to do justice to each of the communities living under your rule.Your words in this regard cannot be viewed other than sheer Escapisam.

    All Yoganas are started with good intentions, however as we progress it is means for the lower order politicians to make a living and creates a generation of lazy citizens. Hope you succeed in your project
    Best Regards
    Sanil Varghese

  • krishandutt sharma

    Sirdesai has the tendency to create unnecessary whirlpool in events where his mind application is zero he tries to show his mind rather than journalist traits

  • Devnath Pillai

    I like this rebuttal from the chief minister himself. This came as a response to an open letter try to indirectly implicate the CM in this whole issue. I would request the state and central government to take a weekly initiative to send the correct information and the governments point of every week by a secretary level official. This is a must as their is many false information and news floating in the media which is deliberately planted by these media houses for creating sensation and TRP.
    We need constant correction from the government’s and this will dissuade the media from spreading false news.

  • Sober

    Way to go Mr. Fadnavis! That was a tremendous slap on the face of that presstitute. But the fact is that these journalists are way too shameless to be corrected.

  • Renu Kaushik

    very well replied, Mr. CM
    But I need to bring one thing to your notice. What you are saying in the letter, why not bring it to the notice of your people thru TV or a Mann ki baat style communication. in America, where I presently live, The U.S. president gives a weekly update on the TV and focuses on the issue that need to be told to people…
    You seem to be a good and hopefully clean politician but whenever the govt. takes some steps even for the development, it is very crucial that people should know about it. I am a avid follower of what happens in my country and I was not aware of the initiative you have taken to tackle water scarcity.
    Be a people’s chief minister. All the best.

  • Yadunandan

    Great response to media CM. in the current India media is TRP monger and nothing other than that. For every trivial issue, if it can increase the media TRP reporters are willing to drop all the other national important news and focus on sensationixing the useless issues. The party spoke persons & government officers should stop participating in debates conducted to fill media prime time slot to sensationalize the breaking news. For the common man current media news is becoming a time pass stories. It is time our media wake up and start focusing on truth & positive communication to the word to be stay and relevant to present world.

  • Jayateerth

    What better reply can be for a misguided journalist??
    Kudos to you sir,cm of Maharashtra!

  • Tandava

    Wow!! Enlightened by the facts shared. I like the last statement – perform or perish.

  • sudhir mhetre

    excellent reply to rajdeep whose entire career is full of bjp bashing and even personal attacks on bjp stalwarts. there is all the more need to keep highlighting media bluff and partisan attitude. my congratulations to shri. devendra fadanvis. BJP needs to improve it’s media management to keep it in check.

  • Siddarth Jain

    It is one of the best letters addressed by one of the best person & politician to one of the most ill tempered, illogical & fake news maker journalist. You don’t even know mr. Journalist urf Presstitute what sort of image you have made of yourself. It seems you and RaGa are colonial cousins. Senseless and full of fantasies. High time you must visit a doc.. else you will be left where you started, this time you even your father in law wouldn’t be able to get you a job…

  • gps

    There is no reply to the meat issue to be honest. It’s talking about various situations and how congress was responsible for the ban. But question is if a previous government has done an unfair thing, how justified are you in carrying that on? In fact, you enforce it.

    I know bashing rajdeep is a common practice these days and yes, deserves it too. But calling him pseudo secular wouldn’t answer the question. Why this meat ban?

  • Navnit

    Great reply to presstitute . India become victim of such bias trade media and crook journalist. Someone need to step forward and slap them. They crossed their boundaries to destroy progress and positive movement of government. Journalism to inform people with fact not adding personal view and opinion for their own financial benefit. Most our national media and their anchors are negative and corrupted. Wish they exposed and punished by court of law. Misleading people by media is crime. Supreme Court must look in to this .

  • shrut

    Hatss off.to our Cm and a tight slap for mr rajdeep


    Its time journalists of repute think about the larger interest of the country and not dwell on topics which are trivial when compared to droughts and famines.A positive response can generate greater energy to all and constructive work will get a thrust…pl stop being biased Mr.Rajdeep,give the devil its due…
    In today’s world journalist should not only consider TRP ratings…because in the long run WE represent our country…and mudslinging is not journalism.
    If this government is able to achieve something in 5yrs also it will be better than the earlier one
    Positive impact
    Warm Regards

  • sridharan

    Rajdeep is not a commie. But is a christian. He is only pushing the agenda of the crusader Roman religious organisation which is hell bent on preventing the rise of nationalistic forces in Bharat . It sees Modi and the BJP rule as an impediment to their agenda of breaking Bharat by conversions.

  • New era , new thought , a mission to change for the development of soceity .Honourable CM response to a open letter shows the clarity of a honest unbiased leader , hats off sir

  • ambrish kumar

    Excellent rejoinder.

  • Dr. Shubhada Dane

    I totally support the ban on beef.
    Also, proud of you Mr. Fadanvis, our hon CM

  • what a perfect reply. slient but tight slap on Sardeasi’s face. finally state has man with vision and every1 is expecting few better years after 15 worst , corrupt and bad goverance of Indian national congress.

  • what a perfect reply. silent but tight slap on Sardesai’s face. finally state has man with vision and every1 is expecting few better years after 15 worst , corrupt and bad governance of Indian national congress.

  • Hemanth D Pai

    The pseudo secularism practiced by Rajdeep is well known.During the 2002 Godhra/Post Godhra riots Rajdeep & equally communal & shameless barkha did not find a single hindu victim of the riots.The meat ban was imposed during congress rule but this joker came to know about this ban only now.This is clear reflection on his journalistic abilities.He condemns reconversion but is totally silent on the illegal conversion of hindus by inducement using huge funds received from abroad.With such citizens India does not need any enemies as these people do a far better job damaging India.He is the sccum of this earth

  • Aseem

    Rajdeep Sardesai is not a presstitute, he is a prostitute

  • Kashyap Shah

    Dear Sir,

    I m extremely proud to have a CM like you for our state. Thank you and may you continue your contribution towards our state.

  • G V Krishnan

    Well written. A tight slap he got in New York has unbalanced his thinking. HE ,HIS WIFE ,BARKHA Dutt are parasite of media and people has started seeing the hidden agenda in their reporting.Now the time has come for the Government to put the media in its place.

  • Vimal bakshi

    An excellent drafted reply with irrefutable facts and a slap rather no of slaps on the face of pseudo secular forces running their shops for petty gains and misleading innocent citizens.

  • amol

    Dear CM,

    It was a befitting reply with excellent yet polite answer. Elements like “Rajdeep Sardesai” are there to disturb social harmony in the society. Their job is to create disturbance in the society, watch fun, make news, and earn money out of it.

    We request you to please ignore all this non-sense. All people of Maharashtra are there with you. When people are with you it’s a great support.

    Please keep the good work going.

    Jai hind!

  • kaushal

    Dear CM
    ur dedication to ur mission is doubtless. I am sure u will never b discouraged by DOGS who bark when elephant toils his way to success
    May god grant u all the strength and victory in all ur endeavours.
    Maj Gen kaushal

  • An apt reply, I must say. Rajdeep and many of his ilk are in habit of propagating their ideological masters’ agenda forward in the garb of journalism. Media in India, unfortunately has grown up in unidirectional manner in post-satellite period. Print media in India, especially English one (and their Hindi editions) has been encroached upon by the Leftist intellectuals since Nehru days owing to their covert patronisation initially and overtly in recent times by the Congress. I have been following English media since my school days (way back since 1989) and have found that there are a few names who used to appear or still appear every now and then with articles on issues of national importance. Late Sri Praful Bidwai, Dileep Padgaonkar, N Ram, M D Nalapat, Gautam Adhikari, Harsh Mandar etc., just to name a few. The most astonishing and disgusting thing used to be that such “jaundiced” coverage in English national dailies and articles on editorial pages (with an agenda-tilt) were the undeclared authentic and sure-shot-way-to-success kind of resource for as prestigious and as highest a service as Civil Services Exams. No wonder that’s why you’ll find that the majority of our higher bureaucracy (especially in Indian Administrative Service) carries the same mindset and agenda forward in their realm of administration. This is precisely the main reason why Congress has been able to sustain the power for so long in India. Bureaucracy plays an important role in making any government a failure (especially of opposite ideological moorings) or a success (the friendly one for them) in public eye as well as in media. There is a tacit network of these bureaucrats and journalists of same ideological schools which starts working on the image-marring of the opposite party governments, once they somehow manage to come to power on popular mandate. They’ll do all tricks to prove you a failure in public eye and this is not out of fiction but something based upon my own experience in civil services for 17 long years.

    Kudos to you Mr Fadnavis for coming out with a clear and straightforward point-to-point reply to the malicious campaign which has started against your government, courtesy the same “network” I have talked about above. Also make a point to have some really good officers in your office or in PR department, who are equally competent in countering the “agenda” with sound logic and facts, as you’ve done in this letter. Build some network of people outside the government and your parent organization, especially in social sphere (people like Nana Patekar, who’re doing good job silently) who command vast respect and influence in society on the basis of their sheer integrity, sincerity and dedication to the cause they’re wedded to. This will earn you goodwill that no paid campaign or the army of cadre can’t do. A government must have an omnipresence in public sphere of different shades, be it culture, literature, art, cinema, media, sports, social cause and of course the religious groups of wider public base. Public perception does matter a lot and these feelers work tremendously well in favour of earning goodwill to the government in long run.

    PS: Please keep on giving them the kind of dose that you’ve started prescribing to them. People like Mr Sardesai, who’ve got a sick-mentality and an ideological agenda needs it badly time to time.

  • Rajesh kumar

    personally I salute for the reply which you had made to such person who actually wants to give wave of his false story to feel good to someone he loves.
    sir I don’t know what sort of consequences you will face but from my bottom of heart pray almighty to give you strength to take such step and make india a dream to live
    jai maharastra
    jai hind

  • kiran sannake

    Good slapping reply to Mr. Sardesai. Today media is only after creating news they have forgotten there common sense

  • Amit Arya

    Indeed a befitting reply by Mr. CM to the journalist in bad-shape these days. Very apt logical answer,rich data and convincing. U sound so promising with these kind of replies. My best wishes for its executions. One fine day I wish to see u in real as I am a regular visitor to Reddy’s Brindawan Gokul,South Indian Resutarant,Dharampeth,Nagpur.

    -Amit Arya

    • Ramakrishna

      Excellent reply. That’s how it should be

  • Sharad Joshi

    In his reply CM is always mentioning that all decisions were taken by previous inefficient and corrupt government. Decision of Meat bandi by BMC is not taken by state government. in other words state government is not doing anything and just carrying forward the decisions of last government. If they are not changing the orders to suit new aspirations of people for which CM party got the mandate, people may feel that such change was useless. CM can not be expected to look into each and every aspect of government decision but he has huge team of ministers with him. As executive head of state he is accountable. He can not say ‘ mi naahi tyatali’. He has spent a few sentences on ‘jalayukt shivar’. It is a good initiative but yet to reach masses. Farmers are committing suicides even now.

  • Ramanujam Narayan

    Well said.

  • Vivek Srivastava

    Excellent reply Sir!!!

    We want leaders like you..no matter from which party,,ultimately at the end it is individual who takes the decision…

  • Yasir arafat

    Mr. Fadnavis,
    We understand your point of View, But if this not a partial Decision, Then why Dont you order people to close bars and Movieplex as this is all is prohibited in the month of Ramdan, why Meat becoming a concern for any Religion, and if Congress brings this then you are following there illogical agenda in a Democratic Country. This seems not tobe a perfect decision others are getting effected and they are also a citizen of this Country. Now your should not be blaming any other party agenda, you are in power now, why dont you Correct it.

  • Akshay

    Shri. CM Saab, very well written. Though more than leftist or Pro-Congress, he is anti-BJP and a man of zero character. He is a journo who should have never been one.

  • gagan

    Response is appropriate but the paid pet of earlier government should not continue writing. May be he will respond with something else. My advise to CM not to respond such nonsense in future. Once is enough. CM should have concluded with a statement “If you have any specific queries or concern please take up with appropriate authority and not with an open letter “. A pad journalist should not be allowed to detect the term.

  • Yasir arafat

    People here Loving reply but after that feeding meat behind the shades. This Politics created the Differences btw people and Religion, and still they are talking about making strong nation.

  • ganesh khanna

    Really well replied ……………..the so called Journalists are not journalists but businessman busy in branding themselves by creating issues which do not exist……………

  • dr. d.v. kaundinya

    munha tod jabab. Sab bike hain.Kaodon mein karodon ke lye.

  • Ranjeet Menon

    Dear Mr. Fadnavis, I have nothing to comment about what Mr. Sardesai has written about meat ban and about your response. What I want to point out to you is the fact that you are trying to highlight your governance through this issue. You and your party cannot keep piggybacking all the time on the fact that governance was poor under previous governments. That is exactly the reason why your party has been voted to power, because you projected yourself as a party with a difference. People elect governments to give them good governance, so just because previous governments performed badly gives you no credit because you are doing better. You are just doing what you were elected for. You have highlighted your water conservation scheme and benefits being given to farmers as giving out favours. You are only spending the money taxpayers are giving you and your job is to make sure people get the ROI they are expecting from the taxes they pay. If you are truly working for the betterment of people, you would have chosen other ways to counter Mr. Sardesai’s article. As the elected leader of people it is your job to make sure there is food on everyone’s plate and ensuring it neither gives you any credit nor the right to take credit by highlighting it. All political leaders have their eyes constantly on the electorate thats why they are quick to highlight any people development schemes. If that is your objective as well, then you are not different from any other politicians.

    • yogesh sahu

      yes i partially agree with your points but is it not good to make the clarification on the topic of rumours
      by stating the fact that can support one’s stand, and to provide the people with the right information and if the CM is mentioning out the work which is carried out by the govt. and it is expected of them as they have sworn for it is not an issue it is like they are showing their progress card.

    • anil

      You are absolutley right. This rightist people are always in denial.

  • Srinivas Ramakrishna Sriramula

    Wish every Indian citizen thinks of the country along with his pocket. If the task is done with heart and sincerely monetary benfits along with good work can be done. Be it a politician, Journalist or even a normal middle class citizen can do good for country. It’s a request to every citizen, let’s distribute, prevail and spread positivity.. Incase of any bad happening in the society let’s look for a solution rather discussions and debates adding more furry, making it wort.

    Let’s follow humanity as religion live together.

    Jai Hind!!
    Indian Citizen.

  • Bimal Kumar Sadaka

    Nicely replied by Mr. CM Maharashtra to the in secure Journalist.

  • Ajit

    Dear CM

    Very well written letter.
    A good reply to mr Serdesia

    From singapore

  • Vishal Mudaliar

    Tired of news channels vying for their space…. we are the first to show this. So what… ad far as it makes sense and has logic people will lend their year.
    I agree with the CM so many good initiatives don’t make headlines as it does not have the masala and juice they can extract. All it has is basic roti and kapdo for the common man. I wish honorable CM in his mission. Journalists will catch the next Seena Bora or a talk with the Don. …and keep their trp ringing

  • Geeta

    Well said,Mr.Phadnis.

  • Rajendra Sohoni

    Mr.Devendraji Phadnavis,

    You have given wonderful reply to prejudice
    minded reporters like Rajdeep Sardesai.

    I really admire your fearless nature. And hope
    that in future also you will shut the mouth of
    Such pseudo secular reporters

    sir, hats off to you.

    Rajendra Sohoni

  • Raghav

    Well said Mr. Fadnavis…. If Rajdeep has any self respect left in him, he should read this letter in his prime time news coverage……

  • Prashant Sharma

    This is really an awesome. The reporters like Mr. Sardesai wont let our government to di work they are born only to criticise the good work and always will support the wrong politics.
    Mr. Devendra Fadnavis sir we need the leaders like and the people like Rajdeep Sardesai cant make you distracted because a common man like me truly believe in you. Please continue your good work. Our best wishes for you.

  • Excellent response by the CM to a corrupt and shameless journalist. Well done, CM….

  • Sauravmay Das

    Excellent reply..I am very confident that Mr Sardasi doea not thought about this. He should thankful to CM to get the complete knowledge on his query.

  • Sonu Datta

    I am proud to be staying in your state Maharastra Devendra Sir
    I feel media is been bais in putting your image in negative mode but sir your hard work and dedication will definitely
    Bring results in the state you have a full faith I always wrist that some odd day some CM will focus in rural areas of Maharastra first rather than financial cities like Mumbai .
    We respect your dedication sir.

  • Dharmesh

    Thank God, dear CM you are live and not incommunicado. So many events or actually no events being raised by opposition and as rightfully highlighted by you the pseudo secularists like mr sardesai. Your reply is most apt in time and content.
    Thank you for once again giving us hope in these most troubled times.

  • a.j.tomy

    Congratulations to Hon’ble CM for a fitting reply. If this is d kind of quality every political leader or a person occupying authoritative positions, I can expect better governance in our country, leading to become a developed nation. Make India First. All d very best.

  • Keshavkumar

    devendra sir, you are doing a great job, i m 26 years old youth of india, and i m happy and glad to read your letter specially the last 3 lines, someone needs great gutts to promise it publicly that they will work for public, that they will work for aam aadmi.

    salute to you sir.

  • Indroneel Mallik

    We are proud to have a CM like you Sir !

  • Shashank

    It is good that CM slapped rajdeep but actually he is not that kind of person for whom CM should reply. It is just he is media person, people listen his barks. Rajdeep is truly acting as media mafia. I personally have satisfaction that he was slapped physically in US

  • jayasimha


    Mr. Sardesai publish this letter in your channel honestly

  • Pritam

    Maha CM @Dev_Fadnavis’s open letter to Rajdeep should be declared Madison Square 2.0. Rajdeep has been mauled by CM #DevendraSlapsRajdeep

  • shanmukh mugadur

    Rajdeep sardesai is a half mad fellow. I don’t know why people give so much important to some bloody idiots fools. Maharastra minister did a mistake by answering to a nonsense. Waste of time and patience.

  • Anup

    Well said Hon’able CM Sahib, You have really shown the Maratha Pride against this Gutter born Low born Low life to unknown Portuguese Xian Father (maybe CIA-Xian Dog) John Dayal, and a slut mother. You have however, been very Polite. You give this filthy Pig SUAR-desai a sort of standing by stating his ideology a leftist. He is a gutter rat, a Xian pig, ashamed of his Xian-ISIS Boko harami parentage hiding behind false Hindu name, just like Manish Tewari. Priyanka Chaturvedi, Rahul Gandhi etc..This filthy dog whose Xian slut so called wife has incestuous relationship with her own son, when not giving 4 in 1 jobs to Italians and not beddding pigs and dogs, while he fornicates with his own daughter, a 52 Crore leftist Loon. I do not know why we still call these filthy 2 bit brainless Italian shit eaters as intellectuals? Are they Engineers (even their 55 generations combined will not be able to crack a question of IIT entrance, even if raped non stop by Albert Einstein), some Drs, Scientists, Farmers, Mechanics nothing but two bit gutter diploma from some seedy college in gutter journalism which even a pig will do in 6 mins but for pigs even, they find it beneath their dignity to do that, some two bit gutter humanities graduates, not fit even to be peons.The only property they possess is they set their mothers, sisters, daughters up for gang bang with their filthy smelly white masters and make the Blue Film of them, for two pegs of liquor and some dog meat

  • Nilesh.jagani

    Hats of to our CM Mr fadnavis for giving fitting reply.These psedo journalist spit and run as taught to them by their mentor.journalist like Rajdeep.Sardesai have forgotten contructive journalism.

  • Manish Moharir

    A tight slap on Rajdeep Sardesai.A befitting reply by Devendra Fadnavis.Ye bikau patrakar hai .paise leke kaam karte hai.pl dont bother keep ur work going. Well done mr cm.

  • Ambresh Panjwani

    Dear Devendra, Chief Minister (Mah) ,

    Kudos to you for wonderfully worded very precise response to the issues raised by Media ( Rajdeep in particular).

    Every Leader / Minister / Officer should take a cue from your strategic response to contentious issues raised by media, which are potentially misleading the general public and formulate their responses to the issues faced by their departments / ministries

    Many of the problems can be nipped in the bud itself.

    Every right thinking individual realizes the severity of problems faced by you and your government.

    However we are sure that with your astute political acumen and straight forward governance, its not very distant to see the results.

    Please keep it up. God be always with you to accomplish your mission.

    With best Regards & Warm wishes,

    Ambresh Panjwani, Nagpur.

  • oopali operajita

    Rajdeep Sardesai is permanently ensconced in the doghouse now. Eminently deserved.

  • Santosh

    Mr.Sardesai, you are not even worth to read the reply given by the Maha CM. Atleast now realise that you don’t carry any value as a journalist. Sick of you

  • Suresh Dakhane

    Go ahead.

  • Focussed

    Flawed logic and flawed article. The subject is never explained.In the first para he clarified that he has not imposed the meat ban. He has put all the blame on congress.

    Second para explains a different issue and para 3 is based on what his govt have done.
    Overall badly written article and havent explained anything that he said he will explain.

  • Ashok B.Chaudhari

    फारच छान व सणसणीत उत्तर फडणवीस साहेब !
    ह्या बोरुबहाद्दरांना करायला एक नको ,पण नुसत्या कुरबुरी उकरून काढायलाच आवडतात. त्यांच्या निष्ठा त्यांनी कोठे वाहिल्या आहेत हे सर्वश्रृत आहेच पण सदैव नकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण ठेवून त्यांस वेळ न देता फक्त टिका करणे फार सोपं असतं.त्यांना आपले जाहीर उत्तर वाचून पुन्हा अमेरिकेची आठवण ताजी होईल अशी अपेक्षा………!!

  • Satyam

    Kudos @devendar fadnivas

  • Ashesh shah

    I was the one who kicked him and cursed at him ,you tube 30000 views I wish I can see him again . Low life

    • Ashesh shah

      Madison Square Garden new york

  • Parag Gurumukhi

    On the dot, Mr. Chief Minister. There is a v need to have media reforms as soon as possible so that the unwanted or undeserved coverage cannot be tolerated as they are being captured for higher TRP’s without realizing that they are jeopardizing the responsible role which media is expected to play. It seems media is in somewhat unusual race in which they have forgotten the ethics behind their social responsibility!

  • Sudesh Kumar

    Mr. Cheif Minister,
    Thank you for taking time to write this letter.
    We know you have more important things that need your attention.

    Best wishes.

    Sudesh Kumar

  • Neeraj

    a tight slap on a media person who have become newsletters rather than news reporter. Mr. Rajdeep u too have similar responsibility of taking the nation ahead. So wake up and work for the nation and not for the Notion. Jai Hind.

  • anu samant

    Very well said Mr Phadanvis!
    So proud of You and Your government.Keep up the hard work and Janta will support you. All the Best!

  • ravi

    BhAi Mr.sardesai se bol diwali pe patakhe ban kare Jo kitna paisa waste karte hai usse kitno ko roti and rice milega

  • ravi

    I guess noise pollution air pollution plus spending money in it is OK for the cm if he can ban that or he can give me any advantage of it then only he can keep his point otherwise just another politician looking for a cause to argue

  • Pankaj Kalwani

    Is this authentic? Where is the original open letter from Rajdeep?

  • Intentions of the CM seems to be good.he looks confident and man of integrity,but I wonder why the decision of govansh hatya bandi taken,which is affecting the farmers financially.

  • Dr Subair VC

    Dear CM, regarding beef ban it will surely reduce the cholesterol levels in your people. Better consider pork ban too. And you missed the worst things which makes your beloved people sick and sufferers. Alcohol, Tobacco and Pan. If you ban beef after banning these three deadly things it would be well appreciated. Otherwise some people may think it’s all are part of cheap religious politics..

  • Mits

    Wow! What a straightforward reply! Take a bow mr. Fadnavis. A right slap on the left face!

  • Santosh

    I don’t see a connection.lol annadata.eat whatever pleases you bitch.

  • mahesh

    The views expressed by the Hon. Chief Minister are true and I support the statements made by him. The Media in India seems hungry about publicity and not at all bothered about the facts. ONLY. TRP centric. We all are with the C.M.

  • I think these “bhokne wale Kutte” are much worse than the Monkeys/Hyenas/Vultures who ruled for the last 50+ years. They are not watch dogs who protect but are mad dogs who bite anybody for no reason.

    But . . . . Kutta bhokta hai, hathi chalta hai

    But I think time has come to train such dogs in our house and make them realize who is the boss of the house. Just as a dog trainer tells you how to treat a dog, else he will dominate or become the boss of your house.

  • You are 100% true Devendra Fadnavis. Hatsoff

  • mohan rao

    Rajdeep looks at fog and thinks it is smoke and searches for fire. Because he read somewhere there is no smoke without fire. He makes a statement in his evening show about hidden fire and the audience will start discussing about non existing fire and try and prove there was a fire. End of the month with TRPraising he gets a fatter cheque…..

  • Rajesh

    Awesome reply. Thanks to the people for sharing this.

  • Santosh

    Basically the news channels are became entertainment channels, and journalists the actors , there is no sense of socialism,
    Feel sad to see and listen this

  • Beautiful and befitting reply to media’s anti social brainless attitude !! CM Devendra Fadanavis is a person who perhaps knows the roots of some of the ills and fearlessly performs to remedy those ills !! He had done justice to some extent to the farmers of Maharashtra but long term efforts need to be incorporated so that state exchequer will not have burden every year to meet out the draught situation !! I Think not only farmers can be made progressive , they can contribute a lot to national development !!

  • ks rajpal

    weldone.express yourself vigoursly otherwise people like us will be brainwashed .make befitting reply every time wrong informatipn is spread.i like your sentiments perform or perish.may god help yoy in your sincere efforts.

  • asif raheem

    Wow. That’s a befitting reply. Media sometimes is just interested in making news and what better than raking up controversial issues. If it’s true what ever has been written then the media owes an apology to the public in misleading the thoughts of the people..

  • N K Kothari

    Thanks, Hope Rajdeep will think twice before writing such letter in future !!!!

  • Priyadev Sreemanglam

    That was a befitting reply to the series of baseless allegations put on the performing government. I truly believe in your mantra of life that is ‘perform or perish’ and time alone would decide your destiny. This is the most inspiring quote by our CM. I must congratulate you for the commendable work you are doing under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi.

  • shreelatha

    Hats off to you sir….Indian politicians and media personnel are sat to fill their pockets out of citizens money and hard work. ..No one is bothered about farmers who r the backbone of our country, who feeds us and preserved d beauty of nature..
    U r truly a RAJA who thinks about his PRAJAA.


  • Unbiased

    The start was good, but if you want to hit sardesai do that openly without a satire, I am sure the govt has done a lot for the poor farmer by buying the grain from him and selling it back at 2rs and 3 rs and solving the irritation problem, but the question is about meat ban and the right of a person to eat what they want, because the poor man wants dal and rice, and because of old congress deeds this givt can only help buy this for they want to ban the meat so that every o e only eats dak rice for a day, and then may be the chamchas get a chance to proclaim a world record of a state going veg together “another feather in the cap”

  • Rajive Singh

    Indeed Mr. Fadnavis. Sardesai stands thoroughly exposed as an “agent” of congress. People know him already as was witnessed in US when people heckled him when he was trying to instigate to criticize the elected Modi govt whose expense he was travelling on.

  • Hi this is very good information however I feel that Mr Sardesai does not have common sense what to talk and what not. At least by reading this he should talk sensibly.

  • Keshav

    Kudos to Mr. Fadanvisji I stopped viewing private channels, really reduplication. Hat’s off

  • Keshav

    Hat’s off to Mr. Fadanvisji

  • Nandan Warnekar

    Mr. Chief Minister,

    Full marks to your letter. But request to you, please don’t get disturbed by any such open letters or articles by these #prestitutes. Marathi janata will show them their place. You focus on your agenda to make this state No 1.

    Wish you all the best.

    Nandan Warnekar

  • Kishore Nair

    1. The adverse reaction from the public and media was strong because the meat ban came after the beef ban. State should not allow such things. Even if the earlier government had done something incorrect, the current government has powers to correct it. Hence, Sardesai cannot be faulted on this.
    2 On the transfer of Mr. Maria, it is a state prerogative but again, the public perception is that the transfer was too abrupt.
    3. As regards sedition, well the judgment is out today.

    Add to that the police raid on hotels in Madh, the hooch tragedy, the regional agenda replacing the development agenda…etc etc has marred this government’s image.

    The CM should not get upset on this. Let him start with replacing the Mumbai Police Act which will reduce corruption in the police

    Best wishes
    Kishore Nair

  • Kishore Nair

    let me know the result of the moderation

  • Sharad Keshav Railkar

    Devendraji, my humble request not to entertain such fool persons. Don’t waste your valuable time in replying such foolish comments. Although not replying may be took granted that what they are saying is correct, but your attitude & your work will be the answer to them. We all knows your ability & to be honest we are all with you.

  • kaushik

    I met Mr. Fadnavis in an award function in Mumbai. He was humble didn’t portray any signs of a typical politician wanting to be fussed and hogging for attention. He quietly sat in a seat allocated to him, when invited to speak, made his steps quickly to the stage and delivered a speech mindful of the time allocated to him and most surprisingly didn’t speak anything about his political agendas but kept his words focused to the function’s agenda.
    Hearing and looking at him I was delighted that Maharastra is in safe hands and more importantly their is a new wave of young politicians who really want to change the sterotype image of yesteryear netas.
    Mr. Fadnavis just never let this change and be a trailblazer in resurrecting the tarnished image of Indian politicians.

  • pankaja menon

    Wonderful reply.

  • V.Y.Deo

    “The Goebbels law — speak what is untrue several times over and it becomes the truth.”

    For every argument there is a counter-argument.

    Both the Govt. and opposition keep speaking what is untrue several times.

    The truth is always between the two ?

    Both the Govt. and opposition keep trying to prove something to be true when it is not ?

  • Sarang Deshmukh

    Respected Sir,

    You showed mirror to ‘senior’ pseudo-secular journalists.
    These type of Presstitutes are paid workers of some political party’s & this we watch daily on tv debates daily.
    I am from Marathwada region & I know how important is Jalyukta Shivar Yojna for this region. Congratulations to you & your team for Jalyukta Shivar Yojna.


    Very good answer Mr Devendraji….
    Rajdeep Sardesai is a Congress Agent everybody knows he is like most popular corrupt journalist…

  • It would rather be more rude to say that Mr.Rajdeep Sardesai was bitten like anything in public when our Honourable Prime Minister Of India was on his U.S. Tour last year.This biased view comes from a personality who never cares to visit the “Marathwada” Region to focus on drought situation.You ask me how many villages you know of Marathwada Region,I would say not less than fifty.And you ask him,what is his answer?
    I have visited Shevgaon ,Nevasa,Ghodnadi,Rahuri in Ahmednagar district,Beed district,Osmanabad,Tuljapur,Jamkhed,Tembhurni,Srigonda,Patherdi,Nanded district etc,etc. How many districts Mr.Sardesai has visited,I want to ask him this question?
    So it is a passion of media people to search mole from a hype.They will not do anything for the society.How much money he has given from his pocket for “JALYUKTA SHIVAR?”I am planning for Rs. 21000/- though I am a Bihari but I am planning.

  • Umesh Sharma

    Hats off to you Mr. CM, A well suited repply to an biased media person.

  • marvellous reply to Raj deep Sardesai.He deserve this type of treatment.Why only to listen ,give befitting reply

  • Venugopal

    These days Media is concentrating unnecessary things only to improve their TRP ratings. There are so many important matters which can be taken up to bring awareness by media. Instead media making terrorists a hero and covering APJ as small as they can because they do not gain anything out of it. Great reply CM who took time to right to these prestitutes with befitting reply. Let us respect the CM and his view point

  • Ravi Junwar, Nagpur

    Excellent reply Devendra Ji

  • Abhijit

    Dear CM, Sir,

    A Simple and Great reply.. Really I appreciate it… Such prompt and powerful reply are most welcomed…

  • Vinod

    Super Mr CM, that was really apt reply to such agenda driven journalist. Journalist should be neutral but these kind of people carry lot of agenda with them. We have seen him being bashed in US last time when he was talking against Modi.

  • Laxmi

    Great reply Sir…!!! Mr. Rajdeep should be asked just one question ….Why does he supports the terrorists by signing petition ….He will reply it was on the ground of Humanity….So where is the humanity gone when banning on slaughting animal is done…He is a hard core hypocrit with an objective to stop the REAL INDIA COME UP….Rajdeep bhai apka Pseudo Secular samapan ki aur hein…Accept it Sir…!!!

  • Prasanna Sahasrabudhe

    Superb reply . we believe in you hon. Cm . keep up the good work

  • Sawai Singh Rajpurohit

    Good reply by hounabl cm of maharashtra
    Its clearly shows that mr rajdeep want to spoiled bjp image, moreover during the pm visit in uk he also used abuse language. For democracy like india thought like that are not acceptable. Its better that mr rajdeep remind your thoughts.

  • Praveen Kohinkar

    Great Reply Sir,

    We are proud of you, well going keep it up

  • anand

    Dear Chief Minister, it is commendable the way you have taken efforts to tackle the menace of the Goebbels law — speak what is untrue several times over and it becomes the truth.
    It however doesnt vindicate your govt from the fact that people have elected your govt after being tired of the previous regime with a lot more hopes than what have been satisfied till now.
    We all understand that Rome was not built in a day, but at the same time, the initiative by the govt on various fronts including the ‘NSDC’ has to reach out to the maximum.
    We would all like to see you enjoy the same position at the state level, that NaMo enjoys on the national stage after proving his mettle in the Gujarati hearts.
    We,the common people of Maharashtra are looking for your govt to deliver substantial results on the following fronts at least:
    1 The conservation of envt,
    2 Developing non-conventional energy resources,
    3 Developing roadways,waterways,airways,
    4 Establishing water storages,
    5 Developing highways,
    6 Speeding and facilitating industrial development,
    7 Implementing health pgmes,
    8 Assuring food and agriculture policies to help elevate the farmers,
    9 Enhancing education and skills,
    10 Enforcing tax rules for encouraging investors to increase employment in Maharashtra,
    11 Ensuring safety of women and minor children,
    12 Curbing of crime and bringing down organized crime

  • Bharadwaj

    I have lived in Maharashtra all through my life, but never seen adequate development in rural regions in the last 2 decades. There is certainly good investments done by this Government particularly to develop droght-ridden regions like Marathwada and Vidarbha. Mr. Fadnavis is a man of few words and in this excellent reply he has chosen the right words to slap Mr. Sardesai.
    A part of Indian media has become irrational and possess a negative mindset about everything a Government does, be it at State or Central. Irrespobsible and rash journalists like Mr. Sardesai need not be taken seriously, neither do they deserve a reply. But this reply from Mr. Fadnavis will make such people open their eyes of wisdom and start taking their profession in a more serious manner.
    Proud of Mr. Fadnavis who has put an end to Mr. Sardesai’s pseduo-journalism and hidden agendas.

  • Karthik Srinivasan

    Thanks for such a wonderful reply. Social media has put such media mongerers such as Rajdeep Sardesai in the backfoot, as everyone can now read on social media and freely share views such as above.

    The news reporters never see anything good and always want to rake up gossip, as their TRP doesnt increase with positive news. Also, they seem to have hidden agendas.

    But such apt and timely replies will give them a befitting response to their ‘apparent’ upheavel.

    I just hope that all honest politicians reply like how you have done. People should know.

  • s k kapoor

    jokers like Mr sardesai have no moral right to give such stuoid, comments without checking the Facts. these are all paid journalists who for ske of some money will sell out even theri own relatives also

  • Hamza

    Respected cm
    Then why the beef ban done by your goverment.and plz don’t speak foolish things like giving wheat and all and making a Muslim commisoner of mumbai police is just a pure politics plz stop making this dump faces now this generation people r good enough to understand your politics.

  • Ranjit Banerjee
  • Razak

    Rajdeep is a skewed minded and stupid at times. He is wasting his talents and goodwill by showing his unabashed bias for anything that is termed as hindu, saffron, nationalist.. and so on. Guy should understand that the days of selling such bullshit are over and people very well understand the evil motives. He doesn’t have the courage to read out CM’s reply on the channel. Coward. He has shown same cowardice in Cash for Vote Scam and saved Congi. In turn got Padma award. No wonder he was beaten up in NY Time Square.

  • Razak

    Sardesai is a skewed minded and stupid at times. He is wasting his talents and goodwill by showing his unabashed bias for anything that is termed as hindu, saffron, nationalist.. and so on. Guy should understand that the days of selling such bullshit are over and people very well understand the evil motives. He doesn’t have the courage to read out CM’s reply on the channel. Coward. He has shown same cowardice in Cash for Vote Scam and saved Congi. In turn got Padma award. No wonder he was beaten up in NY Time Square.

  • Arpii05

    Excellent and Befitting reply. Media has always been bias with govt. decisions. no matter even if it’s in public interest. The media just tries to be the sole guardian of secularism and democracy. The kind of reporting done on various issues rather vitiates communal harmony in the country. Its the job of the media to give true facts to be public and also educate it on social, national and other issues of national importance.

    Hats off to our CM for giving a fitting response to these journalists.

    they do everything except journalism….. need to go to school Rajdeep and Goswami…. and please stop shouting… increases noise pollution…… HARMFUL!!

  • Ajeeth S Nair

    Dear CM you shouldn’t reply to an ordinary TV Journalist like his.It’s below your status. But since you have replied,excellent and fitting. From your words we understand the pain you had undergone. The entire Maharashtra is with you. In future please ignore this petty journalists paid by someone. Because the the stature of our CM is very high with janta.

  • spm

    Good reply by Mr. Chief Minister.
    But the actual suggestion is he should not indulge with such so called journalist , who raise issue in their own interest.

  • Kailash Bodade

    Namaskar Gaav valey!
    MY MAHARASHTRA CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis has taught a lesson to one of the Maharashtrian Rajdeep Sirdesai.
    Rajdeep Sirdesai’s attitude had demolished the fourth PILLAR of Democracy.

    Media people it’s my humble request to reconstruct this pillar immediately be removing such loop holes which are making weak.

  • Bikasha Agarwal

    I think there must be a strong new Law for media who is misguiding People of India.

  • Tangtan

    Nice reply by Mr. CM. Hope presstitutes will think before they open their wide mouth to create any new useless sensation in the media which they own. Presstitutes hope you will do something beneficial through media next time rather then organising brawls in the name of debates and writing letters without knowing the bigger picture. Thanks social media for helping us articulate our voice.

  • k g bhat

    Very well answered. As some one suggested, I too request you to come out with a News Letter every week or fortnight to high light Govt.’s initiatives and work progress. I would say, this is required by the Central Govt. also, just like ‘weekly briefings’ at White House, USA.

    Well done! Wish you more & more success.

  • HATS OFF TO OUR CM Shri. DEVENDRA PHADNAVIS for this fitting reply. Regards – K R VAISHAMPAYAN

  • shekhar Barbatkar

    Great Job Devendra sir Keep it up

  • LogicalIndian

    You don’t deserve to be a CM. You cannot answer a simple question properly. Since I am well aware of your intellectual standard, I won’t waste my time in asking you another question. I will just give you a simple hint. WHEN YOU ARE ASKED ABOUT PHOTOSYNTHESIS, DON’T EXPLAIN GLOBAL WARMING. YOU MAY BE RIGHT BUT YOU WILL GET 0 MARKS IN THE EXAM!!!

  • KP.Yohannan

    I could not find anything great or sincerity in the reply of CM. These points have already been discussed several times in print & visual media. Whether heaven will fall if meat is not ate my a few for a few days is not the question. Just because it was implemented by the previous Govt, doesn’t justify the cause. It is matter of democratically elected representative Govt, yielding to the demand of a small minority group of faith, who are financially influential. What will happen to several such demands of various groups religious and caste faith approach the Govt with similar Demands ? It is not just an issue between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian . Politicians who are in the Govt should be able to deal various demands and issues without prejudice, favour and finance. We are already seeing such influenced decisions, wherein huge national properties are give-away for satisfying certain political/religious groups.

    The central issue is not meat or beef which is just only a small portion of food habit of the people. It is the principle & ethics that is going into various decisions of the Govt.

    As common citizens, we like and welcome all small and big initiative Govt is taking to alleviate poverty of the people.

  • KN Mukherjee

    These Commies have no qualms for truth – they always try to demean any person or group of persons or a Government which is not towing their line – and they do it by taking cover of untruths. This I have learnt after being ruled by the Communists for 35 years preceded by their another 35 years of anarchism which has ruined West Bengal. Now they are after Mamata Didi asking what she has done in last 4 years. Aare Bhai, she alone ate them alive like our Kali mata ate the Asuras. They are asking about our PM Modiji’s achievement during his rule of 1 year and criticize each & every step he takes. Goebbles even cannot match their propaganda. We should not forget that Congress & Communists are very closely connected – you see the ICHR, JNU etc., all Communists propagandists were cozily entrenched there. They have suppressed the History of our Country – whenever a archeological find came out proving our ancient histories of Ramayana & Mahabharata, they suppressed it. They have insulted our Great Leaders of the Freedom Struggle calling their names, insulted Great Social Reformers of our Country, scoffed our traditional knowledge & Shastras.

    Now as these Commies are out of Power in Delhi & in two States, their agents & stooges like Rajdeep Sardesai became rabid and started slandering. They are nothing but Presstitutes.

    I convey my strongest support to Shree Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharastra for his progressive moves and adherence to Truth.

  • There is a cabal of leftists, christian fundamentalists, muslim fundamentalists, journalists and MNC’s, who are collectively known as “pseudo secularists”. These handful of people, backed by some powerful foreign governments, very successfully demonized Narendra Modi for over a decade, and, under the guise of “secularism”, came to power as the “UPA” government. The subsequent rape and pillage of India under their rule is unprecedented in history. their chief weapons were the outright lies, half truths, and gross exaggerations they filled the digital and print media with. The Supreme Court of India, thankfully, spoke the truth even though, at the time, UPA was in power, and exonerated Narendra Modi of all false charges. However, the pseudo secularists have not gone away. The recent two-day meat ban in Maharashtra was widely reported in the media by goons like Sardesai, as an example of “saffronization”, when, in fact, the ban was ordained during the Congress’s regime. The lie was deliberately implanted before the Bihar Polls to radicalize and polarize Muslims and Christians. Unfortunately, it is lies and half – truths like these that cause terrorists to strap themselves up with bombs and kill a few thousand innocent people. Therefore, I propose that there should be a strong law in the country against irresponsible journalism, making it a criminal offence to spread lies and half truths. Should Freedom of the press be absolute? should it include the freedom to spread lies and half truths and exaggerations? This has very very serious consequences. Sardesai and his ilk MUST be put behind bars!

  • Yuvraj

    What a reply Mr. Devandra. I agree that achievements of this government has not been highlighted by our news media and they think that they can fool the educated by discussing wrong topics which don’t impact anyone but few, and not discussing the ones which affect millions. By I guess, Youth of India knows this very well whether its someone in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, Chennai, Gujarat, Assam, Haryana or anyone like me sitting abroad and watching the fake claims by people like Rajdeep. Youth like me who doesn’t want to complete picture and truth behind everything is really benefited by posts like these and I would request that politicians should give a strong reply to questions like the ones Rajdeep had but I also agree that this is not your full time job to reply to insane issues raised by people for whom that is profession.

    Thank you for taking India forward and working towards our poor farmers.

  • Anoop

    If only our politicians could soeak/read/write/ such good english, I would have almost believed this reply was real.

  • Joginder Singh

    We salute you sir , a befitting reply .

  • kumar shailesh

    if you think Fadnavis wrote this letter, then I have no hope for readers on this website.

  • User_12

    Indeed a honest and daring response Mr CM. I guess our country is highly in demand for courage like you have shown versus some flashy media stunt-man’s like Mr Sardesai.

    I fail to understand why it becomes so hard for people at times to acknowledge the fact that they are trying to sail a wrong boat versus contesting for it to be accepted as wise.

  • Dhiraj

    Great reply sir .but replying to pigs like rajdeep not at all required.its time people of india teach these bastard covering the blanket of secularism should be slapped whereever found .im gonna slap him hard if I found or saw him anywhere .m ready to go jail after slapping and spitting on these bastard sardesai .media person like him is shame to our country .media work is to educate people not to support any party like he do n create synisism .media should me responsible .freedom of speech does not mean acting irresponsibly .people should come forward and show bastard like where they stand. Cm sir we r with u in path of development .let these stooges bark .

  • S.Varadharajan

    Why don’t Sardesai probe about the corruption by P.Chidambaram together with NDTV and publish ?


    This is really a clear answer with a positive motivation towards growth & hope .. And more over we common people were also anaware of these many facts behing things happened. Today its clear. Thank you so much for such a brilliant letter.
    Rest Mr. Sardesai n Ppl like him by this time must have gt a gud lesson to do preparation before raising any issue & not to talk silence of Present govt as weakness..

  • Vaishnu Sharma

    First of all Rajdeep Sardesai must give reply from where he bought more than 50 crore to purchase bunglow in Delhi posh area. These sold media persons are more dangerous to the society. This Mr. Sardesai and Barkhaa datt has shown the burning incidents live on the TV rather than to save the humanity for the sake of ill money during Gujrat riots to defame the country and sold the stories to pakistan.
    Shame on such media editors.

  • vry good answer devendra fandawis……

  • siddalingana gouda

    Excellent sir, this is how the politicians to be strong and firm. Media can’t fool.
    Love the way of your administration sir. Thanks again

  • Rajeev Mishra

    Partial and sold out section of media is creating more harm rather than playing constructive role for nation . They are bringing bad repute to other good media people.

  • Solid reply to the pseudo secular and leftists of our country who in reality are anti-nationalists!!
    Shame on you bloody journalists for misguiding the people of our country!!

  • Abhijeet

    Excellent Reply to the shameless media.

  • KSS Ram

    If good things are written everyone is good. If pointed your mistake all are BAD.


    Rajdeep is a misfit in journalism

  • Bhargavi G

    Extremely apt ….happy to have chosen the best….may the state and india progress under your leadership…

  • jiten thakker

    excellent reply Respected Chief Minister Sir, Mr Devendra Fadnavis, the media today has become a tool of making money by “Breaking News” focussing only on the negative news. The various seva projects undertaken for Jalyukta Shivir Yoojna in Maharashatra for its farmer is stupendous and only time will tell what this Government is capable of doing. We are proud that you are the able Chief Minister of Maharashtra and MR Narendra Modi the PM of India. Jai Hind !!

  • nutan rao

    Hats off to CM for d fearless remarks. Shame on presstitutes like Rajdeep Sardesai for creating hurdles for Mr. Fadnavis. Nyways this stuff cannot shake Mr.CM, Mr. PM, RSS and BJP. We, the Indians support them with full faith. Jai Hind.


    Salute to Devendra Sir…India is facing problems as a result of sins of congress govts…other results are like Sardesai ji.

  • Anand Dabke

    First time in history, Maharashtra get Strong, Educated, Person with Strong clear View & Positive Attitude Respected CM Devendra Sir. We salute you. What to say about Rajdeep, person who fights in US at the time our PM Visit?
    These same happening with our Respected PM Narndra Modijee Sir.

  • dharmesh

    good replay to uneducated n nonsence media who does not want to know trust, just start going bla bla….

  • Ashish Gokhale

    Dear R. H. CM,

    I appreciate your open response to the letter and the great length you have allowed yourself to explain the points. Here are a few thoughts I have as a common man.

    Do you believe or does Jain community insist that their constituents do not consume meat ? absolutely wrong. They devour meat and indulge into alcohol as much any other Indian who does. Restaurants in Mumbai stand witness. It is a personal lifestyle choice if he / she has stomach for it.

    If somebody does’t want to eat Meat during religious days then they should stay away from it (like we do during Shravanmaas or Ganapati festival). Nobody has forced you to eat what you don’t want to. It is that simple!

    If Congress is indeed responsible for enforcing the ban then it has been able to do so on the watch of the opposition (2004: Shiv Sena, 2009: BJP-SS). For years State legislature has pursued a policy at the behest of select minority neglecting opinions of the larger majority on the matter. This is a serious constitutional issue.

  • umeshbhai

    Really sardesai is by profession journalist but since 2 years his views are against modi party.you see last year when modi was in usa and he was quarelling with others and speaking against modi.devendra c m has done better than other c m.you work on your own.dont shaddow like sradesai.

  • Bipin

    Mr. CM a very apt reply and if this is true hope our mission is accomplished.

    However, as part of your letter mentions about farmers and I would extrapolate the same to irrigation and connectivity of all rivers across the Maharashtra and those coming in to Maharashtra be connected ASAP.

    Can your Government spell out a time bound Blueprint for making this happen in terms of what can be achieved and how many and how benefits it will bring in next 1 year, 2 years and 3 years from now.

    If you are able to deliver this note my words you would do a great service to Maharashtra and drought would seize to exist.

    Look forward to see this outlined, promised and delivered in full public view !

    That’s a challenge to take up and have sleepless nights for !

  • Vivekananda

    Dear CM Sir,

    We are proud to have people like you and our beloved PM Narendra Modi leading our state and country. This is the best reply what democracy can give to corrupt, inefficient, opportunist and selfish people.

    Bharath Matha Ki Jai!!!


    Excellent reply , Sir, you put the journalist in his place, all the time he is criticising the Govt, no wonder he was kicked out by Me Ambani from CNN_IBN


    Excellent response Mr. PHADNAVIS

  • Mr Sardesai was earlier in one other channel and due to his biased attitude he had to take up the job in other news channel He should reply to the explanation given by our beloved chief minister and apologise. Nowadays it has become fashion in particularly english language and Zee 24 tas to give any news without confirming the veracity.I also observed that one from last mentioned channel that journalist even concludes falsely withot ascertaining the facts

  • Arun Nawal

    these Journalists are Corrupt people only, without investigating they will start judging themselves
    i hope reply by CM will not be used in any media, as they are selfish and corrupt

  • Naresh Shaj

    Thank you Mr. chief Ministers for the befitting reply. Its a high time that media realizes that people have started realizing what media is upto. And before people start distrusting one of the most important pillar of democracy, it is better for media revisit their approach and save democracy

    • Naresh Shaj

      Thank you Mr. chief Minister for the befitting reply. Its a high time that media realizes that people have started realizing what media is upto. And before people start distrusting one of the most important pillar of democracy, it is better for media revisit their approach and save democracy

  • sanjay rah

    This is the fantastic replay. It has been observed these days media is not playing creative roles..country development.. Leader with your caliber should tell the what you have done these days.. should be communicate in proper platform to build trust in leadership. Last 60 years.. perception ..in fact leadership is proven corrupt and irresponsible need a change. saved from Goebbels law .

  • Raj Parmar

    In USA , Chicago city daily cutting 250000 Cows Mata, No RSS,VHP raised query becasue USA is not in this world right??? Foolish people, world 98% countries are eating Cows then why silent?? RSS and VHP silent, even Swami and Baba are eating Meat daily for enjoyment. If all 98% countries may be vegetarian then indian people may be die without food, do you imagine??? Foolish RSS VHP open your eyes, I am Dalit Hindu but eating meat and eggs and its our business from died animals…. Any question then reply rajparmar12@gmail.com

  • Shan

    Fantastic reply CM. Few journalists ask questions suits to their masters and want answer per them. We the watchers and listeners have changed now. Feel and understand the situation. Time that these journalists must be ignored . They are not representing the masses and therefore, should not let them induce their thoughts to others.

  • Ajay Gaikwad

    Thanks, Mr. Chief Minster

    I Appreciate your reply to Mr. Rajdeep Serdesi.

  • MH CM is saviour of our state and nation as well.He is most deserving qualified and intelligent CM across the country.He is committed to convert the peoples aspiration into reality.He is serious to his affairs and capable to handle all situation.I follow you and request other to do the same.jai Hind.Jai Maharashtra.

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