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When will this carnage end?

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 21, 2018
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Syrian President Assad’s resolve to put an end to the rebel force seems to have reached an alarming level as
Air Strikes continued for the 3rd day in the rebel occupied Ghouta enclave.

The indiscriminate air strikes and ground attacks meant for the rebels have resulted in the death of over 200 civilians out of which 57 were children. The United Nations have already raised concerns that the crisis is spinning out of control.

On Monday alone, the count of dead civilians amounted to 194. Eastern Ghouta currently remains the last rebel stronghold that is yet to become a part of the Assad ruled regime.

Experts suggest that the ongoing air strikes cannot be classified as a war, but a massacre as several innocent civilians are falling prey to the air strikes. Few have also claimed that wars are reminiscent of war during the 1980s.

The UNICEF issued a strongly worded statement to express their despair over the ongoing Syrian crisis which read, ‘We no longer have the words to describe children’s suffering and our outrage. Do those inflicting the suffering still have words to justify their barbaric acts?

Currently, food and medicines are nearly impossible to obtain in the Ghouta province.

The Syrian war which has been going on for 7 years have claimed over 3.4 lakhs lives. In an idealist world, the Syrian war would have ceased to exist over a year. Sadly, the world that we live in stresses more on violence than peace.

We would love to hear your views in the comment section below. Is there any end to this war? Comment right away! #BeFearless

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