Will North Indians decide Mumbai’s Fate this time?

  • 1 week ago

The Northern Suburb constituency would be crucial this BrihanMumbai Municipal elections that would be held next month for all the three major political parties contesting from Mumbai.

It has been rumoured that the mayor of the city would be selected from this region due to which all eyes have been focused on the results of this area.  Along with present Member of Parliament of the area Gopal Shetty, from Bharatiya Janata Party and former MP Sanjay Nirupam, from Congress have been working hard to make sure their candidates win from North Mumbai. According to political experts the coming BMC elections are a walk on fire for Nirupam, who is the president of Mumbai Congress, as the results of these elections would tell the future of his career in Mumbai’s political scene.

The experts said that Nirupam’s competitors have also been working to make sure that Nirupam does not win this time. “Nirupam will be shunned if he is not able to make sure Congress wins this BMC election after a major downfall in the Vidhan Sabha elections,” said a political expert. As North Mumbai political situation goes, after the last BMC elections Shiv Sena who emerged as a winner had 14 seats, Congress had 12, BJP had 11 and MNS got 3 seats, while there was just one seat for the independent candidate. Most of these seats from Shiv Sena and Congress were from Northern suburbs on Andheri to Dahisar. The experts say that only time will tell which of the political party will be able to increase the number of corporators from their party.

The experts further said that Nirupam has been planning on making a North Mumbai contender as the mayor if Congress wins which is why he has been active in recruiting contenders from the Northern suburbs into the Mumbai Congress team.  Experts said that it is now up to these contenders to win BMC elections for Congress. Meanwhile Shetty and his contenders have been trying to win the hearts of voters of Northern suburbs by distributing cooking stoves and gas cylinders.

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