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When will be the proper end of the VVIP culture in India?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • November 23, 2017
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There is something humiliating about the idea of VVIP’s, something genetically undemocratic. Our babus, netas are very fond of this kind of treatments – in school, on the road, aircraft, everywhere. And they never mind if their convenience becomes the reason for the public inconvenience. For instance: Several flights in Imphal were delayed for the respectable Union Minister KJ Alphons arrival at the airport. And, due to which a doctor created a chaos at the airport as she was supposed to reach her destination on time which was quite important then minister’s arrival.

There is no argument that some people really deserve special treatment. For instance; President, Prime Minister and our Defence Force’s people who serve and die for the nation. India is a nation where around 47,000 cops protect around 14,800 VIPs. While there are rarely 3 policemen guarding one VIP, more than 700 of mango (common) man have to do with just one. If those not protecting the biggies either have to take care of political rallies, security at public functions and public place. No wonder, how the crime graph is shooting up across the nation.

A few days back, we have seen an Air India serve ministers and bureaucrats at the cost of passengers. Why should the mango man every time pay for it? In most developed nations, the state safeguards only a few at the top – constitutional chiefs – the rest has to manage their own security. Wow! This is something amazing.

We – the citizens have the right to know why traffic has to be stopped for the VIP convoy and why the life has to come to a standstill to make the life of the biggies comfortable. We also need to know why the government make some individual superior to themselves by offering them official status differentiators.


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