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You will be surprised after reading the verdict of Mumbai stampede which is really sad

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • October 13, 2017
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It is indeed sad that the safety committee concluded that rains are to be blamed for the death of 23 people dead because of a stampede at Elphinstone station. Of course, the conclusion is on the expected lines i.e., the foregone conclusion of an official investigation. We Indians have already resigned to our fate and believe in our Karma and don’t question the conclusion. Mumbaikars, famous for the so-called ‘Mumbai Spirit’ might have already forgotten the incident and have started rushing the same way over the same over a bridge.

Except those who are “social workers” as a career, we Indians normally confine ourselves to criticise the government during drawing room discussions and dinner time debates. Yes, we have an opinion on each and everything and how things should be happening in the country, except “how we should behave ourselves”.  Don’t the authorities know the lack of space in many of local railway stations in Mumbai and this particular one where this incident happened? Well, everyone knows. How many railway stations in Mumbai have proper access to platforms? Primetime rush in many stations looks there is a stampede every day.

There was a time when people from all the walks of life used to come to Mumbai. Apart from the charming Bollywood, there was the industry where people with all levels of education and skills can get a job and live. With little space available in a proper city, the government was forced to promote an expansion of the city in New Mumbai in the east, Thane in the north and beyond Borivali in the west. The entire city is depending on three major suburban rail lines and two major highways. The freeway and metro are only latest additions and cater to only a small percentage of commuters.

So, why only the government is blamed and not the citizens? Because it is the job of the government to guide people. To educate them. To force them to follow the law. It is easy to blame people for rushing over the bridge without second thoughts. Then, what was the alternative? It is the job of the government to provide such an alternative.

Then, it is very much needed to make people aware of “value of life”. If we don’t value our lives, why others will?

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